Do Not Let Flash #1 Pass You By

I am getting things ready for Tuesday night. I just went through my spoiler copies sent to me and I have to say, do not let Flash #1 pass you by.

Flash #1 is already selling for up to $10 bucks plus shipping. Most of the normal online shops are sold out, others are limiting orders to one per customer. And there is good reason for it…. Spoilers to run tomorrow night. We do see a new speedster and get his origin. Could this be Godspeed?


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24 Responses to Do Not Let Flash #1 Pass You By

  1. Alana says:

    Just doubled up with an order at midtown.

  2. Pushing and flipping DC books is kinda new to me, whats with all the #1’s? and week after week?

    • Anthony says:

      They restarted the books with a fresh start, some books went back to legacy numbering.

    • agentpoyo says:

      The first round was one shot Rebirth titles.. now the ongoing series reboots are starting.

      • Alana says:

        I’m ready for Harley #1 have 208 copies pre ordered this week half and half of each cover. Harley #1 releasing along with the Suicide Squad movie at the same time don’t need a crystal ball to tell what’s going to happen there. If I sell these for cover I double my money if they go for $15-$20 Harley’s paying for Christmas.

      • agentpoyo says:

        208 copies? That’s a lot of copies….

      • Anthony says:

        I think that is money! hope they do not get allocated

      • Joshua Masters says:

        Here’s to paying for Christmas! Good luck Alana.

        I’m really itching to see June numbers. The “first” wave has been a hot ticket, but will the 2nd/3rd wave July and August be much higher prints than expected? Will there be some fatigue?

      • brennan says:

        How does one even get 208 copies????

      • Scott Roth says:

        Okay, I’m just in awe of 208 copies of one book as a spec. That’s not a typo?
        Can I ask if you’ve spec’d on other books to that extent before?

      • Wow. And I get nervous when I buy 30-40 copies of something. 208?? I’m wondering whether Harley Quinn#1 or Suicide Squad#1 will be in greater demand; especially since Jim Lee is drawing SS#1. I ordered about 30 of each of them. I guess if I had the money to work with, I’d go in pretty high on these, just to double my money, since it’s pretty much guaranteed they would at least sell for cover price. But sadly, I don’t have that much money to work with at the moment…

  3. Brian Springman says:

    Flash #1 is 1st appearance of August Heart and the terrorist group Black Hole.

    August Heart may become Godspeed in issue 2 or 3.

    • Anthony says:

      Ok Brian, I can’t wait. I will release the spoiler post.

      • Jay says:

        Hey anthony what you think about all the rebirth titles? I want to dump most of them, you think I should only keep Batman, Flash, Wonder Woman and dump the rest?

      • Anthony says:

        I wouldn’t say that would be dumping as they are in demand, unless you are going to under cut. If you have multiple copies you can start letting them go at a profit, enough to cover your costs, and sit on the rest until later. It makes the books free and risk free.

  4. Harley will have some sweet variants as well. I can see the rebirth stuff staying hot for months as long as the stories stay decent

  5. Alana says:

    Yes 208 copies not a typo. I was able to preorder cover A’s at 50% off and cover B’s at 45% off. They didn’t give me a limit and actually took the time to thank me for my big orders and welcome me to their ordering service. First time I’ve bought more then 50copies of anything. At the discounted rate I just couldn’t see any reason not to buy a lot. I’m already making profit selling them at cover price anything above that is icing, it’s not hard to sell Harley #1s with the heat of Rebirth and the Suicide Squad movie in August they are all but guaranteed to sell out. Like Anthony says hopefully they don’t get allocated but as of now my orders paid for and confirmed. I’m more so impressed with their shipping being able to ship a long box worth of comics to me in Hawaii for under $30

    • Anthony says:

      Who did you order through?

      • Mike Odom says:

        With the discounts mentioned I’m guessing DCBS, which means they won’t be received until a month after release and things may have died down by then, which is the problem with ordering from DCBS.

  6. David Bitterbaum says:

    I wonder once it has been a couple of months or years which of the DC Rebirth titles ends up being the most valuable. It can be agreed of the New52, “Batman,” was the clear winner, but I don’t know if that will repeat or what could occur.

    • Mike Odom says:

      Of the New 52 I’d say the Adam Hughes 1:25 variant of Harley Quinn #1 was the clear winner.

      • David Bitterbaum says:

        Ah, I wasn’t thinking of ratio variants as those can be harder to get. Good point though.

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