Flash Season 3 to be called Flashpoint  

It was announced earlier today that the next season of the Flash TV show would be called “Flashpoint”. Flashpoint was a 2011 series from DC Comics that ended up leading directly into the New 52.

There was a main Flashpoint story line that spawned off numerous miniseries. The first issue had several variants including the regular cover, a 1:25 sketch variant sketch, a 2nd print, a 3rd print, an Ivan Reis Variant, a Fan Expo variant, and a SDCC variant.

Those looking for the book should also check out Amazon, copies of the Ivan Reis variant for $3.95 plus shipping, as well as the SDCC variant as copies are being gobbled up off eBay.

From Comicbook.com:

The third season premiere of The Flash will be titled “Flashpoint,” according to series star Grant Gustin. Gustin revealed the title today via Twitter. Gustin first revealed that he had read the episode’s script but was coy about the title, only revealing it after receiving permission from producer Greg Berlanti.

“Flashpoint” is a reference the major DC Comics event series of the same name. Flashpoint, written by now DC Entertainment Chief Creative Officer Geoff John and drawn by Andy Kubert, takes place in an alternate DC Universe timeline where Bruce Wayne is dead, Thomas Wayne is Batman, there is no known Superman, and New Themyscira and Atlantis are on the brink of war. The only one who remembers the true DC Universe timeline is Barry Allen, who is shocked to discover that his previously deceased mother, Nora Allen, is alive in the new timeline. The big twist comes when it is revealed that Barry created the Flashpoint universe by travelling back in time to prevent the Reverse-Flash from killing Nora. Barry’s attempt to undo his previous action and restore the original timeline ends up being a catalyst for the creation of the New 52 DC Universe.

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13 Responses to Flash Season 3 to be called Flashpoint  

  1. ocguy72 says:

    Picked up Reis variant for the $3.95 you mantioned. Can’t go wrong with that price. As of writting this pretty much all versions on Ebay are gone with a few pricey variants still up. I pulled the trigger on the SDCC version in near mint. It was listed for $20 with three hours left so that tells me before the announcement it was a bit high for a quick sale. With this news that $20 may seem a little cheap right before the season starts… At least I’m hoping so. By the way Mile High also has the Reis variant for #33 in VF on Ebay… Even if this news gains some serious steam I can’t see a VF selling at that price anytime soon!

  2. ocguy72 says:

    mentioned not mantioned

  3. Jay says:

    So much you recommend the sketches should go for ? Ebay shows 20-40$, are the first issues the only ones worth selling or any of them ?

    • ocguy72 says:

      Some people like sets, but you can usually never go wrong with a first issue that is heating up if you get to it early enough. Pretty much why I was iffy getting the SDCC variant for twenty before shipping. If enough people don’t get excited for what will be going on twenty might be even money..But if people get really excited for it, it could double or tipple.. Never know.

  4. MICHAEL C says:

    Issue #2 Ivan Reis variant is very expensive

  5. David Bitterbaum says:

    I was surprised by how much I actually liked, “Flashpoint,” back when it came out. I railed against the idea on my blog then had a post where I did a mea culpa and admitted it was actually really fun (including the mini-series). Probably the last DC event I really liked.

  6. Alana says:

    Wasn’t there a flashpoint previous to this one in 1999 why the buzz on 2011 series?

    • Anthony says:

      yes there was, there was also a Rebirth series years ago. Both unrelated. The buzz on this one is Flash traveled back in time to save his mom and in turn changed history. He did this in the last episode of this season. Flash point followed in the comics and now Flashpoint follows in the show.

  7. Ahhh the vast space of DC continuity ….

  8. i would also sugest picking up the road to flashpoint flash brightest day issues #s7-12

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