Alana’s Weekend Spec (On a Wednesday)

Welcome back CHU universe to another weekend spec for your back issue safari. This week we have a few unconfirmed rumors starting to stir that are worth a look and a couple other books that are starting to generate heat for one reason or another. As with any unconfirmed rumors take it with a pinch of salt or in this case a pinch of pepper because these books could get hot. Let’s jump in!

Whispers of Ryan Reynolds appearing in the upcoming Wolverine flick that is currently filming are starting to buzz about. Could be a cameo, could be a end credit scene with Deadpool and Cable, could be a full on battle with Deadpool vs. Wolverine (There are set pictures of Logan running out of a bullet ridden Limo), or this could be completely false. A couple books worth a look
Wolverine #88 1st Wolvie vs Deadpool battle. This is key enough to own whether the rumor is true or not. Can be found $10+ range. Hint: an Amazon seller has 8 NM/VF listed at $6.99+ shipping.

Wolverine #154, #155 Another Wolvie Deadpool battle Wolverine #155 is already a pretty hot book for the iconic cover as its a cover swipe of Hulk 340.
Death of Wolverine Deadpool variants are worth a look as well. I’ll add a variant pick for Mel and his love of rare variants Deadpool #45 Tony Moore variant. It’s a cover swipe of Death of Wolverine that’s pretty funny.

A couple unconfirmed DC rumors out there floating around pertaining to the coming Wonder Woman, and Justice League films. Wonder Woman #160 1st Silver Age Cheetah. Some talk that Cheetah will cameo in Wonder Woman and also appear in Justice League. Expensive on eBay but can be found for about $50 if you really hunt and wait it out. Action Comics Annual #2 1st appearance Cleric. The alien missionary Cleric is rumored to appear in Justice League who will revive Superman with the Eradicator. Again unconfirmed but at a couple dollars not much to lose.

Up next, credit to my friends at CBSI for breaking this, suppose plot leak of Star Wars episode 8 that explains the origins of the force. The comic that this would cover would be JOURNEY TO STAR WARS FORCE AWAKENS SHATTERED EMPIRE #4 This can be found cheap and there’s a incentive variant out there for it.

On to some confirmed stuff worth a mention:
A couple DC books gaining steam that are fact not rumors, Green Lantern New 52 #20 1st Jessica Cruz and Green Lantern Vol 4 # 25 1st Atrocitus. Thanks to Rebirth,  Jessica Cruz is all the rage these days.  And due to a pretty cool looking game trailer for Injustice 2,  Atrocitus 1st appearance is being sought after. Also the Red Lantern kitty, Dex-Starr appears by Atroctus’s side in the game. The cats first appearance is Rage of the Red Lanterns #1 and his origin is Green Lantern #55 (thanks Brennan) worth a dollar bin pick up.

Also Vixen will be part of the upcoming Legends of Tomorrow season 2, she was recast with a different actress from the Arrow Vixen. With Vixen being on two shows now, Action Comics #521 is a must. Find them around $20. Willam Dafoe will be playing Nuidus Volko,  1st appearance Brave and the Bold #73 in Aquaman and Justice League.

There you have it!! Some interesting rumors this week worth your consideration and a couple new modern keys coming from the Green Lantern verse. Thanks for your time CHU readers have a good weekend and happy hunting!


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13 Responses to Alana’s Weekend Spec (On a Wednesday)

  1. agentpoyo says:

    Yes, if you haven’t read Shattered Empire, you should. I do believe it set up a lot of story line in the coming Star Wars films, especially explains Poe’s skill at being a pilot, etc.

  2. Jesus says:

    I’ve been looking for the Tony Moore Variant of wolverine for a while bit no luck.

  3. kyle watson says:

    Green Lantern #20 is hardly an appearance of Jessica Cruz unless you count the mention of her name and her fist as an appearance. You want to be picking up Justice League 30-33, for her cameos and first full.

    • ocguy72 says:

      That may be true but CGC lists GL #20 as her first appearance and lets face it that is all most collectors will care about. I have multiple copies of JL #30 so I wouldn’t mind if that was looked at as her first appearance…Just don’t see that happening.

  4. ocguy72 says:

    Good list! I think there is tons of potential growth for Jessica Cruz and Atrocitus.

  5. larry doherty says:

    I thought Rage of the Red Lanterns one shot was 1st Atrocitus?

    • Alana says:

      I believe he is on a 2 page spread in Green Lantern vol 3 #25 I’ll have to dig it out.

      • ocguy72 says:

        CGC dose call GL vol 3 #25 as Atrocitus’s first appearance. Once the grading companies start indicating a first appearance on a graded book that’s usually where collectors head to.

  6. Alana says:

    Looks like other sites are starting to report Kaecilius being the name of Mads Mikkelsen’s character in Dr. Strange after being confirmed by a mini mate toy. You heard it a month ago here in a Dr.Strange weekend write up.

    • ocguy72 says:

      Sure did read that and bought a sold VG for $10 just to have one in the personal collection. The book is not too cheap to begin with seeing it is from the Silver Age but this should increase interest in it. Looks like all or most of the bargain copies of Strange Tales #130 are gone online.

  7. Brian Soucie says:

    Very nice article. Thank you.

  8. J. Coleman says:

    Good Stuff Alana!

  9. #awesomesauce I need to snag a gl #55 for the cat origin . and wolverine annual 1999 is a great wolverine vs deadpool thing as well

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