Conan O’Brian Returns to SDCC With All New POPS!

And finally, Conan exclusive Funko Pops for SDCC from



Tickets for Conan’s live shows haven’t gone on sale yet, but Team Coco just revealed their exclusive Conan POPS! for this year.  From Funko’s blog:

Conan O’Brien will once again be immortalized with a set of four Pop! Vinyl figures to be available this July, when TBS‘s late-night series CONAN returns to San Diego for Comic-Con®International. Created by Funko for TBS, a division of Turner, this year’s collectible figure designs include “Superman™ Conan,” “Stormtrooper™ Conan,” “Ghostbuster™ Conan” and “The Joker™ Conan.” In addition, the world of CONAN will be put on full display through a virtual reality experience at the TBS Comic-Con® booth on the convention floor.

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  1. Cody says:

    Off topic but I called cgc to get their take on the great case debate. Their rep told me that they had problems with some of the first batch books slabbed but they have adjusted the process and are no longer having any problems. Sort of vague but hopefully true.

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