CGC responds to holder Issue

Here is CGC’s reaponse to the holder issue, take a look and let ua know your opinion.
CGC Modifies New Holder
In April 2016, CGC introduced its newest generation holder to the hobby. For the vast majority of books, the new holder presented a stunning visual improvement. Its clean design with crystal-clear optics unleashed the natural color and vibrancy of comics, while its sturdier construction provided advanced durability.
A small number of holders, however, were found to display a slight wavy appearance. In no instances did this slightly wavy appearance cause or reflect any damage to a book. Nonetheless, some collectors and dealers were understandably concerned.
CGC strives to listen to its customers and provide products and services that exceed their expectations. While most customers felt that the new holder was a revolutionary improvement, some expressed a strong preference for the inner well of the previous holder. CGC carefully evaluated this feedback and concluded that a modification to the new holder provided the best long-term solution.
The modified new CGC holder combines the best of both worlds: the slick look of the new holder and the time-tested inner well concept originally introduced by CGC 16 years ago and used with more than 3 million comics. Collectors will now enjoy the fresh label format, superior clarity and cutting-edge durability of the innovative new outer casing, along with the comfort of the familiar inner well design.
This updated holder will be used on all submissions, including those currently at CGC, effective immediately. If any customers have a recent holder without the inner well concept that exhibits a wavy appearance, please contact CGC Customer Service at or 877-662- 6642, so that we can explain the free review and reholder process.
We would like to thank all of our customers for their feedback and patience. We apologize for any inconvenience that they may have experienced. We are proud of the modified new holder and are confident that it will exceed the high standards that our customers have come to expect from CGC.
Thank you,
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20 thoughts on “CGC responds to holder Issue”

      1. Sent, I think he could appear first as Cletus as a serial killer before he gets locked up, setting up a venom sequel and carnage trilogy? If that’s who Michael Mando is really playing.

  1. They should have addressed concerns sooner, but I think execs finally started feeling the burn. I’m a tad bit relieved about the books I have in now, but I’m not necessarily happy about how they handled this whole thing. They have some work to do in the HR department that’s for sure

    1. It kind of bothers me because they say the case makes the books look wavy, not the case made the books wavy, and do not address the bunching around the staples.

      1. Of course, they are on damage control and hope it blows over. Instead of just admitting damage and possible damage, it just makes them look worse to me.

      2. I really hate when companies and even people just can’t simply take self responsibility for their mess ups….. the truth shall set one free, just be honest, take responsibility and let’s move on. Covering the truth up just makes it linger longer….

    1. Lol, great, I’ll have quicker turn around times now when I submit my order of over 100 books. CGC for life!!!!

      1. I don’t know Christopher… It seems to me CGC is skirting the issue a bit in regard to books that literally did get damaged. We all saw the pics…Those “waves” were on the books and not some sort of illusion. Loyalty if fine, but if it is misguided you may get burnt at some point and right now it doesn’t seem that CGC is being 100% up front with their customers. It just doesn’t look to me that CGC has its customers backs 100%. That is worrisome to me.That may change as the weeks move on but if it doesn’t and this lingers they most likely won’t will regain 100% trust that they had prior. Keep your options open is my advice.

      2. “CGC for life!!!!”
        It’s like battered comic syndrome right there.. CGC won’t do it again, I swear they’re good people.. you really should rethink your position fully I think.
        I think ocguy72 said it best. They’re misguiding you by not addressing the real problem, their holders damaging books and they aren’t owning up to that yet.

  2. They damaged my books and they are basically calling me a liar. They claim to be changing their design based on a perceived problem by customers, not because of a actual physical problem.
    It’s a shady and disgraceful solution. This will not be forgotten.

  3. Bookery announced on their Facebook page that they will NOT be submitting to CGC nor will they be accepting new-case CGC slabbed comics, unless seller is willing to let them crack them open and regrade them at their store. This is a huge deal, and now a very reputable shop is calling it quits as well.

    1. This is probably a wise decision on their part. If CGC isn’t willing to confront the problem head-on, it kind of becomes the problem of the re-seller. If I were a merchant, I wouldn’t want to stick my neck out like that, especially not for a company that isn’t even willing to admit when they’ve made a mistake.

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