Variant Envy: Harley Quinn #1 ComicXposure Variant

Sometimes you see something that is just to cool to pass up. Harley Quinn #1 (Rebirth) is going to be big. No doubt. But when you get a variant cover that connects to classic covers already then I am very impressed.
That is what ComicXposure has done with their Harley Quinn #1 variant. It connects to Gotham City Sirens #5,6,7.

Available in color and black and white with cover art done by Guillem March, the image connects to the three connecting covers from Gotham City Sirens. March was also the cover artist on these books.

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    1. Pricey is correct! Another shop did a March variant recently for Batman 1, which I assume has a similar print run. They charge no where near those prices, and are still available to purchase today. If it does sell out, they’ll print a super rare foil magical hologram floating negative cover next…don’t believe the hype I say.

      1. Is there going to be a Harley Quinn Rebirth One-shot like the recent Batman,Flash,etc? Or is there going to be a Harley Quinn # 1 without the one-shot?

      2. I don’t think there’s a Harley rebirth as technically it’s not rebooting. She’s still in Coney Island and it’s just a continuation of the current series. There is a Suicide Squad rebirth though.

  1. Is there going to be a Harley Quinn Rebirth One-shot like the recent Batman,Flash,etc? Or is there going to be a Harley Quinn # 1 without the one-shot?

      1. Thanks alot..that’s what I’m thinking. Maybe I’ll order 30 copies or so…you take the crown with over 200 copies….lol…..this should be a money maker(How long is the 1.50 price good for at M&M ? )

      2. The due date was the 21st at mm but they extended through this weekend I think so cover A is still available at $1.50 and cover B at $1.95

  2. Just got my Campbell Spider Gwen # 9 from them in great shape and packaged well Yes I have had issues with them in the past but took a chance anyway. They have won back my business for now.

      1. What about the connecting covers? You grabbing all of them? Or just Harley?
        On a side note, how u feel about that Turner Justice League? I think its horrible and wonder woman looks like a crack head but peeps saying i will miss out if i pass, but im like lightning hittIng twice? Doubtful? I think this will he a le’mon. What u think?

        1. I think the Turner Justice League looks like recycled art. I got a Turner color batman. I grabbed one of each of Gotham Girls 5,6,7. Also placed a bid on a bunch of cheap CGC slabs.

  3. So if the run on these is the standard 3000 color 1500 B/W then based off recent Batman #1s print run numbers of 350k copies I would expect the same print run for Harley making these 1:100 and 1:200 Variant to regular copies out there.

  4. About 150 copies of these have sold on eBay today alone color and B/W combined. Wonder how many were sold directly through comicxposure today. If this book sells out quick watch out.

    1. Just bought (2) B&W covers on Ebay,seller accepted 19.99 best offer(45.00 total,shipping included) good deal I think !

  5. Did the prices rise on these overnight? Seems ComicXposure had them cheaper yesterday and now the comics are selling on eBay for the same price the website is selling them for direct.

  6. It seems that they do not ship to Canada? Any chance someone could pick up a color copy for me? I would be more than happy to pay for shipping et al via a paypal invoice.

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