Variant Envy: Harley Quinn #1 Comics Kings Exclusive

Thanks to Scott B. for commenting on this one.

Joseph Michael Linsner has his fans. What he does well is draw women. You can see why he has fans. Mix in Harley Quinn and you are sure to have a winner.

Comic Kings has started pre-orders on their Joseph Michael Linsner Black and White Harley Quinn #1 Variants and their Color Harley Quinn #1 Variants (seems the sets they had up earlier sold out.)

comic kings

There are a ton of great artists doing covers for this book, so you are sure to see more of this.


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27 Responses to Variant Envy: Harley Quinn #1 Comics Kings Exclusive

  1. Donato Congialdi says:

    Nice, but best so far IMO is the Artgerm variants for Harley # 1 from Legacy comics I picked up 1 set color and copic sketch and 1 extra sketch..check this cover is nice ! We are all going to go broke from all these variants…lol

  2. Tony Southammavong says:

    Damn, I’ve got to get me a copy too. Artgerm Lau is starting to be my new favorite artist

  3. Kendall says:

    The 3000/1500 is split between the US and other countries. So legacy said that the print run will be set by the number of pre-orders. Awesome Cover to have for your collection but not for a profit turnaround.

    Legacy Comics and Cards
    June 28, 2016 at 11:51 PM
    Our print run will be set next week based off our preorders

    This is posted on their website

  4. Jesus says:

    Just ordered the Artgerm variant for the wife’s PC. If the print run is big on this variant, I don’t mind since I am not looking to flip it. Just buying the book cuz the cover looks good not cuz of the print run.

  5. Was scrolling down here to comment on meeting Linsner at Heroes Con last year & getting “Sin Boldly” from him, to see that he draws both Men & Women pretty sexy… but holy crap, thanks for the tip on that Harley Quinn Artgerm variant; it’s gorgeous! If I wasn’t so broke right now, I’d buy several. Now I at least need to scrounge enough $$ to get one for my PC, lol.

  6. Eric B says:

    The bulletproof Dell’otto variant is pretty amazing.

  7. Tony Southammavong says:

    Does the price for the variants (Lau) include shipping? What is the shipping cost?

  8. NotJon says:

    Used to live in Norfolk, VA. Love the cover but Comic Kings is one of the worst shops around. Just terrible service, the owner doesn’t even read books, and he does a pretty poor job of getting along with the other local shops. Even went as far as actively maligning a new shop when it opened 7 years ago.

    • Anthony says:

      Oh wow. Did not know about that. Went there once years back (Punisher Born came out that week and they had it priced at $5. )

      • Jay says:

        Side note, u picking up this batman michael turner 2nd print?

      • Anthony says:

        Not sure. I picked up the first print so I am pretty happy. The 2nd print (even for a variant) may have slower print run. (formerly said DC offered him a 2nd print on the blank covers.

  9. Tony Southammavong says:

    Anybody have a coupon code ordering from Legacy?

  10. emiobeg says:

    What’s your thought on the Harley Quinn #1 Forbidden Planet Ben Oliver Variant?

  11. the pokiman theme song is in my head right now. got to get em all. between the mike alled variant from pop star collectibles the linser and the legacy and I am sure there is a nycc coming is there a blank for this? cause I now have an idea . an #awesomesauce idea

  12. Tony Southammavong says:

    Did they say when people are expected to get the Lau variant?

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