37th Harley Quinn #1 Variant Announced

AOD collectibles have announced what appears to be their second variant for Harley Quinn #1, and it is a good looking and cheap variant. The new cover brings the total covers for Harley Quinn up to about 37 covers.
AOD b&w aod color

The covers are done by Squarriors Artist Ashley Witter. TheAOD Count i Con Color Variant is limited to 3,000 copies and the AOD Count i Con Black and White Variant is limited to 1,500 copies. The nice thing about these are they are super inexpensive. At $6.99 Canadian each ($5.40 American) plus shipping of $5.99 Canadian ($4.62 US) they are very approachable and will not break the bank.

I will say, with 37 current color variants, plus some black and white, the print run on Harley Quinn #1 is going to be massive. (37 x 3,000 = 111,000 covers for color variants alone.)


Thanks to Brian Springman who pointed these out to me yesterday, and Alana for sending the reminder again today.


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33 Responses to 37th Harley Quinn #1 Variant Announced

  1. ocguy72 says:

    I think I might just stick to the standard cover for this…Although the art on some of the variants is amazing!…Who am I kidding, I’ll probably buy a variant or two…..sigh.

    • Anthony says:

      lie $10 shipped on these per cover. I did not see a way to combine.

      • Alana says:

        They say they will combine shipping in the listing I msg them to add a add to cart feature. I like the sketch of this picked one up. I think the total Harley #1 print run will be equal to Batman around 400k but unlike Batman, Harley will be making her Movie debut in the same month. TBH it’s probably already headed to 2nd and 3rd print with a round of more variants.

      • donato says:

        It’s 2.99 for each addtl book..

      • Anthony says:

        I sent them a message because I got one black and white and it made me pay, I got one color and it made me pay, I had to pay for two separate transactions.

      • I’ve bought from AOD a few times in the past, and always message them in advance to work out combined shipping. They are very friendly, and the last time I placed an order, they even threw in about 10 rare variants just for being a frequent shopper. And they were really good/valuable variants. I was shocked. Now if I could just get some funds together to order some of these variants from them… eBay has been very disappointing lately with their lack of listing specials and stagnant site traffic…

      • Anthony says:

        I used my 50 free listings in the first 10 days.

  2. Josh Masters says:

    37 x 4500 (the color/b&w variants) and you’re already looking at 150k. Not all the covers got the color, black & white treatment but Alana is right the print # is going to be huge.

    Legacy went higher and I thought Aspen said their run might be higher than the 3000/1500 typical run.

    I’m sooooo itching to see the DC #’s for June. When does comichron normally post those?

  3. Alana says:

    Well at 37 covers Anthony you might as well commission a Harley #1 comicsheatingup.net variant to make it a cool 40. Do a reg, a sketch, and a ultra limited Mel variant with Mel wearing a Harley Quinn Tshirt he made from a past cover.

  4. agentpoyo says:

    I’m not a Harley fan, so I’ll likely pick up the regular.. except that Comic Mint box + variant I ordered.. I like it because she just got done beating up the Joker. πŸ™‚

  5. Josh Masters says:

    Philip Tan has one for NY comics (I think) that shows a montage of Harley through the different costumes and Hero U has one with the Gotham Sirens.

    Don’t know if those were counted in the “37”, but damn that’s a LOT of Harley out there.

    • Anthony says:

      No, that one was not counted.

      • Josh Masters says:

        I’m trying to track down the Tan version but can’t find a store. Is NY Comics a collector’s society? My Google search doesn’t seem to bring anything helpful back.

  6. Daniel Hernandez says:

    This is one of my favorite of the variants. Had to order the color one.

  7. Shines says:

    So, is this Harley Quinn you speak of someone of importance to comic book collectors?


  8. Alana says:

    Sketch sold out!!!

  9. Chris says:

    The artist has the original art for this cover up for sale on EBay… (not sure if a live link will work)

  10. Louie says:

    Late to the party! That’s an awesome cover, looks like the artist too!

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