Alana’s Weekend Spec: Iron Doom

Welcome back CHU universe to this round of Weekend Specs! I have a couple spec worthy books for your back issue hunting consideration this weekend. We look towards the stars in some possible future MCU characters that could be appearing in film before you know it. Most of these will be pretty cheap pick ups and worth a place in your collection. To infinity and beyond lets jump in!!!

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There is talk of Marvel trying to get Galactus and Silver Surfer available from FOX for Infinity War part 1, 2. Doubtful it will happen but would love to see it, so some other possible co-villains to Thanos that have a good chance of appearing in the upcoming Infinity films are the villains known as the Black Order. Made up of Corvus Glaive, Proxima Midnight, Ebony Maw, Black Dwarf, and Supergiant the Black Order is a gang of aliens that works for Thanos. New Averngers #8 (Vol. 3) contains the 1st appearances for all of the Black Order except Corvus Glaive. Glaive 1st appears in the FCBD Infinity 2013 these books are cheap and defiantly worth a look for future possibilities in the coming Infinity films.


Up next Tina Minoru appears in the Dr. Strange prelude comic. Who is Tina Minoru? she is Nico Minoru’s (aka Sister Grimm) mother. This has some speculating way down the way in future MCU films we could see either a Runaways or A-Force movie. Runaways #1 2003 1st appearance Runaways and 1st appearance Nico is already starting to get up there in price. For good reason written by famous Brian K Vaughan this series was a hit. The character Niko is very popular among the Goth community as well as having Japanese decent very well received in Asia. Where I see Niko fitting in down the line is a possible A-Force movie as maybe a sequel to the Captain Marvel coming movie. A-Force #12015 1st A-Force, 1st appearance Singularity is a easy cheap find go after the 1:25 with Singularity on the cover.


So we have Doctor Doom becoming a new Ironman it looks like. What If? Demon in a Armor #1 is a solid pick up. It’s a what if? Story featuring if Doom grew up with Stark’s money and Stark grew up as a peasant in Latveria Tony becomes a red cape Dr Doom, Dr. Doom wears a green Ironman armor for the first time. This is a 2fer as well because it also contains Venompool’s 1st appearance. Venompool is popular as late due to the character being added to the Contest of Champions mobile game. By the time this article gets published it may be too late. I mentioned this book on Friday and it started selling out on Amazon and eBay.


Lastly I want to mention the coming Akira movie. Akira #1 is a cheap find that most are not talking about. Good pick up as the movie will likely be an international success and draw some heat. The last few issues in the first series are worth some money as well because of low print runs. That’s it fellow CHUers have a good weekend and happy hunting.


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20 Responses to Alana’s Weekend Spec: Iron Doom

  1. Lonzilla says:

    Infinity 1:50 Opena design variants with Black Order characters are all dirt cheap now, like in the $5 range. May be good books to sit on

  2. Donato Congialdi says:

    What was print run for the 1:25 A Force # 1? This may have legs down the line…..

  3. jl says:

    the BAM cover of A-Force 1 with Niko on the front is very nice.

  4. Alana says:

    Sorry for my misspelling of Nico😖

  5. I was telling Mel way back about Akira #1 and the last few issues. Yeup got em cheap!! I was actually hope hoping this was gona be Christopher nolans next movie…..dammit!

  6. Tony Southammavong says:

    I should’ve read this post before I went to hastings today. oh well, i guess another trip i needed in the near future.

  7. Ray Newlin says:

    Awesome tip for the What If? Ironman/ Dr. Doom! Plucked one of the last available issues off the bay!!
    Super informative as always Alana!

  8. Gabriel Cruz says:

    About a year ago I went crazy on those New Averngers #8 (Vol. 3) ! At Cover price, I got about 10-12 of them put away. 🙂

  9. Nick Matocho says:

    Happy to say that I have a few of those original Color Guides from Akira, bought from Felix

  10. i will have to sort through my dollar boxes topull the akria #1s. #35-38 are the money shoots

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