One to Watch: Supergirl Rebirth #1 Adam Hughes Variant

I have seen this cover all over the past couple of days and just love it. Adam Hughes does “good girl” well and the cover to Supergirl Rebirth #1 is just too good to pass up.Of course, DC has been knocking it out of the park with Rebirth, and Supergirl Rebirth #1 is definitely one to keep an eye on.



So what do you think of the cover to Supergirl Rebirth #1?

I am grabbing a few, I know Adam Hughes returns to Baltimore this year, and signed graded books may be in my future with this one. (Have a box of stuff I will be getting him to sign off and on all weekend).


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35 Responses to One to Watch: Supergirl Rebirth #1 Adam Hughes Variant

  1. Tony Southammavong says:

    What is the etiquette to get artist to sign multiple items? I always feel bad

    • Anthony says:

      I ask first, if they have a donation thing out i make a donation. Most people are their to support their books and art. Also, if there is a line I step out after a certain amount and go through the line again.Books are all prepped for signing to make it quicker. Adam Hughes signature is simply “AH!” also my initials and I use it as well at work.

      • Were you asking about multiple copies of the Same Book, or just several books in general? Any Con I go to, I get the full weekend pass, and whoever I have the most for, I just go to their table each day with a different stack. I make sure I’ve got small bills on me, if they have a donation jar. And like Anthony said, having them out of the bags & boards & ready-to-sign makes a big difference. I usually won’t give them more than ten books at a time, and almost never duplicates of the same book. The vast majority of what I get signed are for my personal collection, so dupes aren’t usually even an issue. But this year at Heroes Con, I did get 3 of Outcast#1 signed by Azaceta, and since I only made it to his table Once, I did give him a stack of 15+ books, and he signed them all. We spent some time chatting about Phyla-Vel (Quasar / Martyr), a character he is very proud of co-creating with Peter David, and I got her earliest appearances signed. He mostly had people bringing him Outcast to sign, and not much attention on his previous work. I’d say this also helps, too, to bring some things other than just their most-recent work. Sometimes they haven’t seen a past book in so long, they start flipping through it and getting nostalgic, and appreciate that You appreciated their work.

      • Anthony says:

        Well said sir. I have also contacted creators in advance and let them know mines stopping by with a big stack of books and how they would like to handle it.

  2. Nicc T says:

    Excellent choice. I’m definitely grabbing a couple.

  3. Alana says:

    Yes!! Something I don’t need to buy already have 4 of these in my big Harley order and all my August preorder stuff.

  4. Joshua Masters says:

    Civil war II #1 apparently has outsold Batman #1. I don’t think comichron has full June #’s yet, but on their homepage they have initial reports about June. Flash isn’t even in the top 10.

    Superman and Wonder Woman make a top 10 appearance and I guess the detailed report will be out tomorrow, but I’m a little surprised.

    • Anthony says:

      Honestly flash is one of the most interesting releases from rebirth

      • Joshua Masters says:

        Yeah, and at my local LCS, it was one of the harder titles to get copies of. Maybe that’s a good thing as it means the print # will be lower than expected on a lot of those DC titles? We’ll see tomorrow…

    • jl says:

      a lot of retailers got burned on rebirth by under ordering and probably went heavy and hard on the typical Marvel event stuff. I like that there’s less rebirth out there than I thought.

  5. Ed says:

    Given that all the rebirth variants seem to be confined to characters on white backgrounds, I think this one is actually pretty great. I have 2 preordered at my LCS and will be keeping one of them for PC.

  6. J. Coleman says:

    That one is nice. I’m going to be broke before long!

  7. James says:

    Will Hughes be doing all of the supergirl variants or just this one issue?

    • Anthony says:

      Not sure. The artists have been consistent between issues of the regular series but the rebirth issues are just the one shots.

    • Anthony says:

      Doesn’t look like the cover artist for Supergirl 1 Variant has been announced yet.

      • James says:

        Thank you Anthony.

      • Supergirl#1’s Variant is listed as Bengal on DCBS. I was noticing that trend on the ongoing books that have hit #5+ in the solicits that the same Cover Artist is being used for all of the alternate/orderable Variants moving forward. I ordered a bunch of the Adam Hughes variant for the Rebirth issue by Name Alone. I’m more picky with other ones, though, buying them sight-unseen. I can’t remember if it’s Harley or Suicide Squad, but one of them has Lee Bermejo doing the variants and I have been buying-up those without seeing them, too!

      • Anthony says:

        Oh Bermejo on Suicide Squad would be cool. He is not the Harley artist. That goes to bill sienkiewicz

  8. Wayne Dickson says:

    Supergirl looks sooooo um..confident….well maybe not.

  9. Josh Masters says:

    Looks like she’s dancing to something from the 80’s.

  10. John F. says:

    I’m surprised he hasn’t announced any Harley Quinn #1 intentions. Seems like that would be a no-brainer.

  11. John F. says:

    I don’t know why he hasn’t made any announcement to get involved in the Harley Quinn #1 party. Seems like that would be a given.

    • Anthony says:

      Not sure why but he tweeted he wasn’t doing one.

      • Donato Congialdi says:

        Holy Crap !! Did you see the sales on the Aspen Harley pre sale sellers on Ebay are getting?? Not even in hand yet and people are buying these at crazy prices…I sure hope the sellers get these tomorrow or refunds in order…lol

  12. emiobeg says:

    That’s freaken risky. It hasn’t even gone on Sale yet.

    • Anthony says:

      It could be very heavily ordered. But get them cheap enough and you could still do well. I think I am in at 50% off cover. Going to get them all signed and try them that way.

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