Blind Adam's Hidden Gems Vol. 17

Blind Adam is a comic dealer in the New Jersey/New York area. Yes, he is blind (90%)
greetings my heating up and awesomesauce families. thank you for
reading this each and every week.

1. Zero Hour #1 – Legends of Tomorrow and the CW will be doing the JSA. If they do Starman, I believe they will use Jack Knight from the now classic Starman series. This is Jack Knight’s first appearance $5
2. Action comics #442 – not much spec play. I did attribute to Noel O’Neil, this is Inspector Henderson’s first comic book appearance just a cool p.c.
3. He-Man and the Masters of the Universe Twistoid Mini Comic – this is a rare action figure done at the end of the run of original He-Man figures. The figure is so rare that the mini comic commands serious cash. $65 and up these mini comics are quite cool
4 . Captain America: The Truth #1 – with all this talk about the new female black Iron Man I thought it would be a great time to go after the first time Marvel made a switch like this. That’s right, The Truth is a great series, features the story of Isaiah Bradley, who was given the Super Soldier Serum in testing to see what happened. His grandson in Young Avengers is #awesomesauce but outside that it was the first black Captain America before Falcon, and well before Marvel full on started switching characters races and genders $3-10
5. Young Avengers #1 Directors Cut – I miss the director cut variants. Marvel made some great ones including ASM 509, Cap 25 and of course Civil War #1, however, this is just undervalued and is the first Kate Bishop and Hulkling and all sorts of other awesomeness $5-10
6. Marvel Secret Wars 3 pack – this is not a comic book but a really rare and awesome action figure box set. It features captain America, Daredevil, and Black Costume Spiderman mint in box it goes for $275. I now need to search conventions and eBay for this to complete my Secret Wars set
7. Allstar Superman #1 Sears Giveaway – during the promotional stuff for Man of Steel in 2013,  Sears did a really cool giveaway, Allstar Superman #1. The print run was low and I haven’t seen one in a while. I love promotional comic books.
8. Superman & Wonder Woman Wendy’s Super Hero Training to be a Super Hero Comic Book Giveaway 2014 – in my campaign to make fast food toys and giveaways awesome again I decided to feature another great comic from Wendy’s. This was in a kids meal, was polybaged with a pop up active card, and is a blast for p.c.’s $15 and under
9. Detective Comics #27 Oreo Cookies Reprint – with the Action Comics #1 1988 reprint going for $100, I wanted to point this Detective Comics #27 reprint out. Now, we need to make it $100 as well, $25-35
10. Superman Batman Annual #4 Second Print – yes, this is the first DCU appearance of Batman Beyond and first prints go for $20 plus. It does have a second print and is cheap
11. Countdown #21 –  Why is this Countdown issue with Batman Beyond not the real first DCU appearance of Batman Beyond instead of Superman Batman annual #4?? Regardless, it is an early appearance.
12. War Machine #25 (1994) – rest in peace for now James “War Machine” Rhodes, your comics were awesome. This is the final issue of the series and is tough to find int he wild $10
13.Sabretooth Dan #2 – Trey over at Unpressable Defects, because you requested I write about this, here it is. This was “recalled” by Scout Comics, they made a mistake on the last page. If you go to the Facebook of the publisher they will send you the correct last page staples and instructions. You can still buy this book from their website. I love the podcast and you should listen for Mel V., Jimmy and Trey. They can be funny at times
14. Hot Dog #122 – this kids magazine from 1983 has a Return of the Jedi story in it and a Luke Skywalker cover. I gave this to a cute blonde girl in class because that was the nice thing to do and I got my first kiss. Now, this is worth $10 but my memory is worth more, and you can’t teach that
15. DC Comics Presents #85 – Alan Moore, Superman, and Swamp Thing equals great story. Hard to find book and for $5-20 in the pocket. Now read this and then go watch the TV series on dvd
16. Secret Origins #50 – Black Canary final issue of a classic series $5-10. Action Comics #609 I am putting this on the list for the Black Canary appearance. Not sure if it has spec play, just one
of my favorite BC appearances which is cheap.
17. X-Men: The Worst X-Men #3– Tony had this one back at the first of the month and it sold out online. Flash forward 8 days and Jimmy Linguini had it on his website that it was selling for $10 and asking prices as high as $25.
18. Invincible Iron Man #7 – Not really a hidden Gem but copies could still be out there. I really didn’t want to put this on the list since everyone has already mentioned it. I really don’t see the point of making Iron Man into this girl. She should have just been the new War Machine since Rhodey was killed in Civil War II. This book is on fire, the whole series is on fire right now.
19. Young Justice: The Secret – I just started watching Young Justice on Netflix. Great show. I am now reading, collecting, specing, and just enjoying this series. When doing research on what the first appearance this one came up. So I will go with it.
have a great weekend and be safe until
next week blind adam out

10 thoughts on “Blind Adam's Hidden Gems Vol. 17”

  1. Can you tell me more about Superman Batman Annual #4 and Countdown #21? I am now lost on what is his first full appearance.

  2. Hi Adam. Just curious about how you found out about Sabretooth Dan 2. I was reading my copy and saw instructions to go to his FB page for possible future contests. There I read about the recall and then posted a comment here on the comicsheatingup Wednesday Forum followed by a post on G+.
    I think I was the first to post about it. I didn’t think too many people read it or cared as it only got 3 likes and 4 comments.
    I don’t care too much for credit for finding this. However, my one request in my original post was important to me:
    “This appears to be a small scale book created with much love. Please don’t abuse this information. Only request a page if you bought a copy of #2.”
    Thank you. David

    1. I agree and hope only people who bought it request it. But Adam was referencing a comment made on Unpressable Defects where they referenced the error and made comment about Blind Adam putting it in his article. He did as a wink and a nod to the mention of him.

      1. Much thanks, Tony. I only made it halfway through the podcast. Looks like I’ll have to listen to the rest of it.

      2. Sorry countdown 21 is a fail. Batman beyond is a hot mess. This guy showed up in superman batman 22 came out in 2005 yet suparman batman annual 4 is his first in 2010. All bad

  3. dave that was your post from g plus? I get so manymessages from the cbsi g plus group that I can’t keep up. I was told to write about the book or that this was a book I would write about so I did . I do love the podcast . so I mentioned it . I then bought a copy of sabertooth dan to check it out. it is a cool book and I hope the comic book public respects the creators and publisher involved . thank you to everyone that reads hiden gems as I love you all

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