Comics Picks of the Week for Delivery 7/13/16

Each week hundreds of new comics hit the shelves, each with potential some live up to that potential. We pick the ones we think have the best shot at heating up. Here are out picks of the week for delivery 7/13/16

Returning Favorites
Birthright #17 – Epic story of a lost son who returns a soldier and a savior, also the biggest villain in the world.

Dark and Bloody #6 – Great story. Good horror. Last issue of the series.

Harrow County #14 – Another dark horror story. Cullen Bunn has weaved magic here.

Flash #2 – Need to see where this Speed Force thing is going, can’t wait for Godspeed.

The One Everyone Is Buying Anyway
Civil War II #3 Midnight Release Variant– Major death of a character, do not always spec death issues but the last time this happened for Marvel it worked well.

New #1
Horizon #1 – Image has done a good job promoting this. Almsot sold out at Diamond.

The Cheap Must Have
Monstress #1 Image Firsts – Read the epic first issue for $1.99 and see if you do not love this book.

The Follow up to a Hit Series One
Rick and Morty Lil Poopy Superstar #1 – I have made a killing off early back issues of the regular series that there is no way I am going to skip the first spin off from the series.

Small Press Gem
Night Trap #2 – Again, Cullen Bunn is no stranger to being optioned. This send up to slasher films would make an easy transition.

The Pick of the Week
New Super-man #1 – We know this is the first appearance of Keenan Kong, cameo by Batman and Wonder Woman of China. Looks incredible and has garnered a huge buzz.


(fixed from garnished for Jonathan… Dang iPhone auto correct..)


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44 Responses to Comics Picks of the Week for Delivery 7/13/16

  1. Jonathan says:


    • They either dressed the buzz up a bit, or took a percentage of the buzz away… or he meant g a r n e r e d. But, I’d rather have a typo than no Comic Picks list. Anthony’s a busy guy. 🙂

      • Anthony says:

        My iPhone hates me. I do a lot of the site stuff on the fly on my phone and it chooses words for me that I don’t catch.

    • Anthony says:

      Yea. It took the buzz and added a sprig of parsley. Lol. Fixed it for you.

  2. loki says:

    Can’t agree LESS with the “looks incredible” about the New Super-man book. Just sooooooo cheesy to rip off existing heroes and have Chinese versions. By all means, have Chinese super heroes. I get the draw and think that is great. But make them unique! There is tons of history and folklore to pull from. Chinese Batman and Wonder Woman? Come on.

    Will be buying one or two for the flip and will give it a shot. But do not have high hopes.

    • brennan says:

      Nothing personal but I’m so tired of hearing this. About new 52 wally west, Jane foster thor, Sam Rogers captain America, etc. Yet no one says this about original wally west taking on the flash mantle, or dick becoming Batman or bucky as cap. Why is it only an issue when the race or gender is changed but not one white man to another? I can’t help but feel it’s the comic book collector good ol boys pitching a fit because their heroes no longer look like them. How do think non white males have felt reading these books forever?

      • agentpoyo says:

        This is a reason I jumped on board with Daredevil and his new sidekick in training. It’s something original and unique. I can’t jump on board with this new Superman either, I liked Superman long ago as a child, I love the movies.. but if I’m not really into Superman now in the comics, what makes me want to jump on board with a Chinese version? I’ll buy to flip, that’s all I plan to do.

      • brennan says:

        But Poyo, at least your reasoning is that you’re kind a over superman. That’s valid. I’m talking about the ‘ugh, a different race/gender’ crowd.

      • loki says:

        Actually I dislike all the characters you listed as well, so nothing personal but don’t jump to conclusions. Think it’s just lazy. Nothing to do with race or gender, it’s always lazy. And Sam Wilson as Cap vs Steve Rogers is not one white guy to another 😉

      • brennan says:

        Loki, you must have misread because Sam Wilson was in my list of examples of change people complain about.
        I really have a hard time believing your claims about not liking the other characters I used to compare, particularly wally west and dick Grayson. You must have forgotten how upset people were when Barry was resurrected or how popular dickbats was.

      • loki says:

        Brennan, you clearly want to just stir the pot. Now, myself, I don’t speak for everyone. I was talking about me and only me and how I dislike all duplicate characters. Yes that means your horribly named Dick-Bats sucks. So you can have a hard time believing what you want but what I said is the truth. FOR ME. Maybe you should spend less time worrying about other people and how they feel so much lol. Don’t fall off your high horse while raging and speaking for other people in massive generalities.

      • brennan says:

        I WISH I invented dickbats!

      • loki says:

        In the future, if you start a rant with “Nothing personal” and honestly mean that, it’s best to just not send at all. No one had ever not taken what comes next as personal. It’s like saying “With all due respect”. You know what comes next is going to be shitty and disrespectful. We don’t need the sugar coat. You are not nice all the time, no one is. Own it or let it go.

        With that, I’m over this discussion. You are welcome to how you feel about the large group of “haters” as I am welcome to my opinion.

        Anthony, sorry this got out of hand a bit and has little to do with proper New comic discussion.

      • Anthony says:

        Discussion is a good thing. Heated or not. People need to express their opinions. Feel free to continue or discontinue as you all see fit.

      • loki says:

        Last one, this time an apology to Brennan. My last statement was super ranty and came off jerky and it was not intended to, but I am now guilty of what I spoke out on. So I apologize. Should have taken my own advice and not hit send lol.

      • brennan says:

        I apologize, I did not realize that when you posted to disagree with Tony that you did not want to be disagreed with yourself. I just figured what with you being the God of mischief and all…..anyways, my bad. *big hug*

      • Anthony says:

        Wait someone disagrees with me. I am 100% right (5% of the time)

      • loki says:

        lol or maybe as the god of mischief this is what I wanted all along! muahahahahahaha *cough*

        I felt you were making a statement about how I view the world and the people in it in regards to my views on comic character rehashing. I went too far in my assumption. I have had children with men, women, giants and beasts so clearly i do not judge based on physical factors 😀

        You are well within your right to disagree. Bees in bonnets and all that.

        These rants were all pre coffee. Even Gods need that morning cup of Joe to feel right. Or Mead. Or blood pudding…

    • Anthony says:

      To me is like Disney taking an existing fairy tale and making it… Well, Disney. Keenan Kong (Clark Kent) There is a Lois Lane. It’s cheesy but fun.

    • Kyle says:

      EXACTLY ! Chinese Superman, Red/Blue Superman, Steel, Eradicator, etc…… who cares. There’s only 1 Superman; the rest are garbage.
      Same spec thing happening now that happened in the 90’s. And look how that turned out…….

      • Anthony says:

        The 90’s were a totally different time. First, the news cycle was usually 30 days. You had to wait until the next Wizard to find out what was hot. Second, very few people bought and sold through ebay or online. See, back in the 90’s you had a hot comic (with a way bigger print run) and would take it to the same store you most likely bought it from, who had 50 other people trying to sell him the same issue, probably the same people who were regulars, and you would get next to nothing for it. People were not happy with that. Trust me, as someone who bought and sold in the 90’s and today, it is a totally different market and is not going to come crashing down in the way the 90’s did. Not to mention, the “bubble burst” idea is that the market is going to come crashing down. Yes, sectors come down all the time. Just look at Peter Panzerfaust and Sixth Gun. Those once hot books are not worth what they used to be. Some segments are down while others are up.

      • So I can either reply to all the or not, and I’m just going to state my case super calm. First off I totally respect what you said about Red/Blue (post death of supes BS). However, this is not just another re-costuming, saying that is really a bit disrespectful to people who happen to be of that ethnic descent (I’m Korean not Chinese but its whatever.)

        This is pretty dang significant to my ethnic group, and I think that if you read the issue you’ll see this is more than just a 90’s flavor of the month. He’s a multi-dimensional, multi-cultural hero. I actually thought I would hate him.

      • Anthony says:

        While there are parallels between him and the OG Superman, starting with the name being analogous to Clark Kent in sound, the Lois Lane character and so forth, I thought they did a great job of giving him his own voice. If we take away the name New Super-Man for a second he is 100% still in the archetype. There are a ton of other characters as well that fit it. No one gets bent out of shape on Apollo (Gay Superman) or Steel (Black Superman) or Super Woman (um… female Superman) or Power Girl (Busty Female Superman) or Superboy (Child Superman) or any of the other characters DC has that is essentially the same. DC also didn’t “race swap” OG Superman with Keenan. I think he can fit the mythos nicely. If this had been written by Grant Morrison, people would love it and praise the idea. But the character himself is awesome because while Clark has always been he Boy Scout, Keenen is a flawed hero, is shown as a bully, is shown as greedy, and still steps up to be a hero. I can’t wait to see how this plays out with a character who has this level of power. Not to mention he grew up in China, under a different government that pushes the state above all else, how is he going to act because of this? It just seems interesting to me.

  3. Jesus says:

    I also hope that they make the Chinese Superman and whatever else they bring from China unique. Asia is so old and full of history that they can bring a lot of characters to live if they REALLY put there minds to it.

    • Its Gene Luen Yang so I really wouldn’t worry about that. One of the most decorated graphic novels of recent memory is his “American Born Chinese” The Library of Congress even appointed him to a new position for Young Lit.

  4. Krighton says:

    New Superman is a must buy for me, in multiples, like the look and don’t mind the campy stuff with similar super hero names. This is one time I don’t really care about them doing a copy cat of super heroes.

  5. Jesus says:

    No love for Finding Dory #1 Tony? Lol

    • brennan says:

      Lol he must have forgot!

      • Anthony says:

        Nope. No love for Dory this week. Ask me about my stack of unsold Joe Books. Lol.

      • Krighton says:

        No Joe Books for me either, i’m still trying to find a purpose for the copies of Frozen I was suckered into.

      • Anthony says:

        Gave those to the neighborhood girls on Halloween.

      • What is the deal with Joe Books in general? I got a couple of the Disney Princess & Frozen #1’s, but haven’t sold them yet. Never did check the print runs or what they’re doing, just haven’t had time lately. But I did get a ton of Darkwing Duck#1 and gradually decreasing issue-to-issue on getting extra copies; mostly because I personally love Darkwing Duck and even if they end up being duds, I will find homes for them. However, I still have not been able to get a NM copy of #2. Every copy from every source has had the Same Creases! So I feel like something happened further up the chain there…

      • … okay, totally off-topic, but I finally signed up for WordPress. FromTheAshes21 was not available, so this is my new user ID with them. I was baffled at first when nothing changed here, but when I access CHU through WP, it now offers the Like Button and shows better presentation of the Comments in order, with the ability Reply to Any Comment instead of only a select few. Now to see if it’s still saying “awaiting moderation” when I post… and I am guessing the link back to my facebook is nonexistent with WordPress? And hoping there is a way to turn off the extra nonsense funneling into my WordPress being selected by WordPress because I literally only joined WordPress to use it for ComicsHeatingUp. I don’t want to see any other content here, lol.

      • Anthony says:

        you wont see extra content unless you click on the reader. The moderation is a setting I have for new comments so someone cant come on here and do “GREAT STUFF BUY VIAGRA FROM CANADA CHEAP” comments, I get them and they go to a spam folder. But yes, you can like stuff through wordpress. My site is hosted through word press, one of the largest publishers of websites and content.

      • Anthony says:

        Joe books has a deal with Disney to publish Disney books. But no deal has ever been announced. My guess is Joe books is a division of Disney.

      • … and since the Uncle Scrooge comics are not published by Joe Books, I’m wondering if they are not able to use certain characters like the Boom! Darkwing Duck series did? I really liked the idea of Magica De Spell among the rogues gallery; she was one of my favorite parts of Duck Tales and makes a perfect foil for Morgana. I recently commissioned my own mash-up, pitting her against Howard the Duck, lol.

      • brennan says:

        You know, because dory forgets….

    • agentpoyo says:

      It was one of my picks but I’m not banking on it myself. I think it’s the type that will be sought after long from now, like years or so. I got suckered into Frozen as well but luckily I only ended up with like 3 total, one got damaged so it went to the 7 year old where it lives a happy life crammed with a bunch of other comics that look like they survived a typhoon.

      • I bought the DIsney princess books for my little girl. Sadly, they weren’t that great. I’ve already dropped them. Thankfully there was no huge resale opportunity with them because she tore them up.

  6. Wow. Staying out of this one sorry guys. I respect your opinions though boys as a comic fanboy myself, but as an Asian American; those comments do kind of sting. And I by no means was one of these super gung-ho (horrible choice of words) people about much of the race-swapping of characters in comics. But they have 4 guys with S’s on right now, Superman is also an archetype copied in every major line of comic books, you guys can let us have one Chinese/Asian guy at lest for a few issues. (CALM)

  7. Looking forward to another Night Trap. Love the slasher horror stuff.

  8. brennan says:

    Hey Loki, same here dude. We disagree. That’s OK. I was getting sarcastic there at the end. I don’t know a thing about you so that’s not fair. I’m good if you are and I happily agree to disagree. 🙂

    Tony, great attitude regarding discussion. A lot of places get all pissy if users argue a little, even if it remains civil.

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