Creature Entertainment Casting for Movie Adaptaion of The Gun 2

Creature Entertainment is casting for a film adaptation for their comic The Gun 2Edit. A casting call was put out and they will be casting for characters on 7/16. 

The Gun 2 is the story of an enchanted gun that brings bad luck to those that use it.


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  1. emiobeg says:

    I better sign up to audition

  2. Krighton says:

    so is that the 2nd issue of the Gun that’s being made into a movie?

  3. Philippe Brault says:

    Krighton, look at the casting call, it only says ”The Gun” not sure why CHU says 2 :/

    Love this site, I snagged a copy of Gun #1 real quick for 4$ :p

    • Anthony says:

      Look at the casting call it actually says “The Gun 2”

    • Anthony says:

      Creature is now casting for our next film “The Gun 2”

      • Philippe Brault says:

        I was looking at the sheet where it says: Project Title: The Gun (An Original Creature Entertainment Graphic Novel)

        My mystake 🙂

        But The Gun #1 would still be the book to buy I’m guessing, right?

      • Anthony says:

        I would look at issue 1 and 2. The script they are filming comes from the story in issue 2. This is a book I have been reading anyway so I look forward to what they do with it.

      • Philippe Brault says:

        The synopsisis intriguing, I’d love to read it, you know if they have a TP?

      • Anthony says:

        No. Only two issues are out so far and it is a good read.

    • Philippe Brault says:

      Ok cool, I’ll try and find one on ebay or something since Creature Entertainement doesnt ship to Canada :/

  4. k Winger says:

    I contributed to the Kickstarter campaign, donated a one of the highest levels that included both issues plus signed items. THEY HAVE NEVER SENT OUT REWARDS. All I’ve received are delay notices and excuses, I’ve none too happy with Creature Entertainment, trying to figure out how they are going to pull off a movie when they can’t even ship out a few comics competently….

  5. emiobeg says:

    I’m on the same boat. I was able to get the Gun #2 through their site and other Comic shops, but nothing from the Kickstarter campaign. I just get notification about delays and still waiting like everyone else on my pledge to arrive.

    • Anthony says:

      Hmm. Going to get in touch with the creature guys about those Kickstarter rewards.

      • 1195200 says:

        Juan usually responds fairly quickly to his emails. I received my Rewards a couple weeks ago. There were some delays, but honestly Kickstart isn’t a store, it’s a funding site. so if you choose to fund someones project, don’t expect things in return.

  6. Stefan Blomberg says:

    Havn’t get my rewards either. First time I tried to support a Kickstarter project and don’t really feel to do it again at the moment:-(

  7. Arrowguy says:

    In case it’s helpful to know … I’ve dealt with Juan and Creature Entertainment before (on both Ravenous and The Gun) — and they really are awesome. Even though they tend to run late on things (they’re a very small operation), they always come through and they really try to make up for things if they’re late with getting what they owe you. So I don’t mind being patient. And it’s great to support this small comic company.

  8. Mike says:

    I recently met members of Creature entertainment at a recent con I went to. I was so excited to meet them. I’m a huge fan of The Gun comic series and Tommy. Both series are fantastic. The Gun seems fitting for TV/Movie but Tommy is also unique as well. I told the guys that I contributed to their Kickstarter some time ago, but I hadn’t received any updates in a while. The guys were so thankful for the contribution and very apologetic for the delay. They gave me about 2-3 free comics on the spot and a nice art print. I told them they didn’t need to give me anything because I really just wanted to support the great work they were doing. They were so nice and even did a little sketch for my daughter for free. The next week I got my Kickstarter gifts in the mail. The Kickstarter stuff is definitely being delivered. Hopefully everyone gets their gifts soon as well.

  9. emiobeg says:

    Yeah! I messaged Juan through my Kickstarter account. Waiting to hear back and see what’s up?

    • Arrowguy says:

      Out of curiosity, have you heard back from Juan? I wrote about the Kickstarter rewards a couple times and still haven’t heard back, sadly…

      • Anthony says:

        Hey Arrowguy I have not. I know they have been sending stuff out.

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      • emiobeg says:


      • emiobeg says:

        I’ll take my previous reply back. I just got back from vacation and had a stack of boxes to open up. I did get my kickstarter items with some extra goodies. So yes! I heard back from Juan LOL. I hope you got yours too.

  10. brandon says:

    I contributed to Kickstarter as well and haven’t received anything.

  11. i think I am going to audition for this . and I need more copies of the gun 1&2 great series from a great company

  12. Eric B says:

    They fulfilled my Kickstarter at MegaCon this year. Hooked me up with The gun 1 and 2 regular cover, variant, a cool print, and 2 B&W variant. All signed. Juan insisted and even ran me around to like 3 different booths to get the whole creative teams signatures with CGC for 1 and 2. Really cool experience, good group of people. I’m sure they’ll get everyone’s rewards out.

  13. Stefan Blomberg says:

    Sounds great Anthony, guess patience is key here, havn’t give up yet 😀

  14. Arrowguy says:

    Thanks, Anthony!

  15. Stefan Blomberg says:

    Don’t know if anyone will ever read this update, but my stuff came today and they even sent a nice little bonus so I am very happy with Creature:-)

  16. Stefan Blomberg says:

    Besides the signed print versions of The Gun 1 & 2 plus a signed “cover print” they also added the “Daniela Larez-variant” (signed) and Tommy Cereal Killer #1. Very nice! Just posted a pic on my Instagram if you want to see the set. Username: “horrorcomican” 😀

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