Judge a Book by it’s Cover: Web Warriors #9

I love great cover art. Regardless if the image happens in the story or not, some covers just sell the books. Here is one from this week we just loved. 

Web Warriors #9 features art by Julian Totino Tedesco showing off some great humor at the expense of Spider-Ham. 


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  1. emiobeg says:

    That’s great. I had the pleasure of meeting the artist at the Philly WizardCon and becoming pretty friendly with him since we are both from the same country. Non the less he was very friendly and approachable and I have become a big supporter/collector of his work. By the 4th day of the Con he gave me 2 free comics and signed them. I reacemtly realized that he was the artist for that awesome Moon Knight #2 Variant cover. I plan to get that signed and CGC next Con he’s in town. If you are interested on his work you can follow him of FB or Instagram @juliantotinotedesco

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