Variant Envy: Amazing Spiderman #16 Guilliem March ComicXposure variant. 

Damn. Was all I could say when I saw this one.  ComicXposure will be putting out this incredible Black Cat/Venom mashup cover done by Guilliem March. 

Preorders go up on on 7/15/16


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  1. melthemovieguy says:


  2. Daniel Hernandez says:

    And just as Harley Quinn #1 pre-orders start to fade…

  3. Daniel Hernandez says:

    Elvi, believe me, I was in your same boat not too long ago, but comicxposure has actually come through with the past couple of orders that I placed with them even though I was hesitant to do so. Seems like they’ve gotten their act together. These are comicxposure variants so you know they’ll have it.

    • Elvi says:

      I retract my statement, LOL. I was able to speak with Eddie and got things cleared up so I’m good. I haven’t had issues in the past, in fact, all my transactions have been GREAT! This last one though, 3 weeks to ship out product that was “in-stock” is a bit much, I think. He assured me it’s on the way so it’s all good. 🙂

  4. emiobeg says:

    I’m gonna be so broke by the end of this month with all these Variants LOL

  5. Jesus says:

    Really nice cover.

  6. Hugo says:

    Anyone know the price?

  7. I’m not as up on my Spider-Man history, so I wanted to ask if this had ever happened in the comics? Would make for an interesting story.

  8. Jesus says:

    Just realized that on the color cover her throat looks like it’s cut off cuz of the bright color in that section lol. But I am still going to get it though lol

  9. Tony Southammavong says:

    Headed to Titus, FL for a wedding. Anyone know of a good comic shop to visit while I’m there?

  10. Alana says:

    Hate waking up at 6am to buy variants😴

  11. Ed says:

    I don’t suppose there is any word on print run? Granted, not much of a believe in print runs these days after Aspen and Legacy.

    • Anthony says:

      They are typically 3,000 1500 standard print runs but do not know 100 % that is the case. We will not see an Aspen situation here I am sure.

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    • Anthony says:

      Just got word from Comicxposure that the print runs are, in fact, 3,000 color and 1,500 black and white.

  12. Jesus says:

    A little of the topic here but does any one know what kind of blue they used on this drawing?

  13. Alana says:

    They have the BW civil war #3 cho variant death of Banner from 2016 SDCC for $9.99 at Comicxsposure as well

  14. Jesus says:

    Just placed my order. This one is for the wife’s PC.

  15. Jesus says:

    I try lol. It’s one of the beauties of shearing the same hobby lol

  16. Howie says:

    Love the cover, hate the price

    • Anthony says:

      We will probably be giving a set of them away so keep your eyes open for that.

    • jclu007 says:

      Agreed, Howie. I got a colour for my PC. Paid $20 for the book, $18 for shipping to Canada, plus 30% exchange on the dollar = like $50 CDN, ugh. Thank god ‘The Vision’ paid for this book. Black Cats blue eyes are awesome on this cover and it will look good in the PC. (Hope that doesnt sound to creepy, lol)

  17. umichjal says:

    Bought the B/W variant.

  18. Matthew says:

    I want! Where can I purchase a copy?

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