Solarman from Scout Comics Being Developed for Movie

Here is a small press book out 7/6/16 that may be getting some more attention due to a  movie deal.
Solarman #1, our small press pick of the week for 7/6/16 is being developed for a movie franchise from Debra Martin Chase. The following post showed on Scout Comic’s Facebook page back in April. It also mentions the Henchgirl” TV show as well. Several people had asked at the time the picks of the week came out where the reference to the Solarman media deal came from.

There is only one copy of Solarman #1 available on eBay. There are two copies available on Amazon for cover price. All the major online stores are sold out, and sold out the week of release, except Midtown who still has copies but is limiting them to one, and may only have a few left.

18 thoughts on “Solarman from Scout Comics Being Developed for Movie”

  1. Completely off topic but Speaking of Scout- really looking forward to Once Our Land. The creator sounds like a true talent

  2. Thanks Anthony. Flipped mine for $25 and just hit the lcs and grabbed the last two of the shelf. I love making money on a lazy Sunday!

  3. So, sorry to be thick-headed, but, what is the best way to get this nifty dedicated “comic book” shippers on the cheap?

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