Blind Adam's Hidden Gems Vol. 18

Greetings my Comics heating Up and Awesomesauce families. Thank you all for reading this each and every week. Thank you for the friendship, advice, encourgment and support. If your going to Boston Comiccon, come say hello, as I will be there with the cars and the
girls. I also have some awesomesauce things about to happen but more on that in the near future. Now lets make some money on some comics.
1. DMC Comics ACBC 2015 Preview Edition – if your a fan of Run DMC, one of the greatest hip hop acts to ever grace a stage, this is for you. Darrell Does Comics is a neat book and at the Atlantic City Boardwalk Con 2015 Darrell was a guest and had a con preview of his upcoming comic and it was limited $15-20
2. Flash volume 2 #150– Wally West will be Kid Flash on the c.w. I am excited for this, however, with Flashpoint being a focus of season three maybe it is Walter the Dark Flash West in that costume so hunt for Flash Volume 2 #150
3. Flash New 52 series #30 1 in 25 Mad Variant – this is the first Wally West in the new 52. I can not wait for o.g. Wally to meet new 52 Wally in the comics but this is new 52’s first appearance and has a sweet Alfred E Newman as Grodd cover $30
4. He Said She Said Comics #3 Bill Clinton Jennifer Flowers – it is election season. Bill’s wife is running and I just thought this was a cool book no real spec play unless Hillary wins and people go crazy for her like they did President Obama
5.The Flintstone Kids Star Comics #0– ashcan Star Comics are tough to find in nice shape. Star Comics command some series cash. The Flintstones just came out with a new number one comic from DC which is #awesomesauce. The Flintstone Kids just turned thirty. This #0 ashcan is the toughest from the Star Comics Flintstone Kids run to find $5-10
6. Harley Quinn #1 Frankies Comics blank variant. Out of all 35 variants for our gal Harley. Frankies
blank will be the king to get. For crying out loud, you an have it sketched by any artist at any convention. You can have Harley put into any position or situation and you can’t teach that
7. Batman Enteral #19 Harley Quinn German variant – this is a sexy foreign Harley Quinn variant from some convention in Germany. Suicide Squad is upon us. Margo Robbie is stealing the show and I will bet money and lap dances on that fact, or Pizza Hut. If you don’t
like Margo Robbie as Harley Quinn in the upcoming Suicide Squad movie Blind Adam will buy you a lap dance and some Pizza Hut, that sounds fair but all Harley Quinn books will go up up. And this with a print run of 999 might be one of the rarest $50-100
8. He-man the Universe #13 and the Masters of The Universe(Star Comics) – for some reason I am addicted to old cartoons on youtube. I now love the eighties He-man and I am now speculating and collecting his comics. I love low printed final issues from the mid eighties, #13 is the final Star Comics He-man and is worth the hunt
9. Marvel Age #38 – I love Marvel Age I don’t give a darn what people say. Marvel Age contains first appearances of key dudes in the Marvel Universe. This #38 is the first Marvel appearance of He-man. Just to clarify DC Comics Presents #47 is the first He-man in comics not counting the action figure mini comic books and this marvel age #38 is his first Marvel Comics appearance. Star Comics are so #awesomesauce $10
10. Supergirl #1 – Michael Turner variant to #1. Now that Michael Turner is the Tupac of comic books.
Yes, I said it. Don’t get me wrong, I love his art, but the Turner variants for Rebirth are getting on my nerves. I do love this Supergirl variant by the legend that was taken from us way to soon
11. Wizard Magazine #176 – this is a triple threat; Captain America, Civil War, and a Michael Turner cover. I was trying to find a Michael Turner cover of Wizard. I wasn’t looking for but this is sweet and tough if sealed $5-10
12. Jay and Silent Bob #1 SDCC Variant– Kevin Smith is the greatest film maker and comic book creator of all time, testify. Jay and Silent Bob are the voice of a generation, nuff said on that. But this is the rare variant to #1 limited to 1,00 copies it had two covers of Jay or Silent Bob holding a action figure and came in a four pack, two comics one of each cover and a Jay and Silent Bob action figure. This set is quite rare and tough to find $100-250 not sure of the spec play, however if anyone has one of this, it is my holy grail. Jay and Silent Bob goodness and I will pay retail, provide Pizza Hut, lap dances, your private island, just name your price in the comments
13. Stone Cold Steve Austin Preview Comic SDCC 1999 – Boom Studios is doing a new WWE based comic book. Paper Cutz had the rights before this and the paper cuts C.M. Punk covers do well at $40. Chaos Comics did wrestling comics in the late 1990s; Undertaker, Mankind, and Stone Cold Steve Austin. This has a black cover, was a thin preview book, and was a San Diego edition from 1999, $5-10
14. Flash New 52 Annual #3 – Wally West will become Kid Flash on the CW show. I can see all Wally West keys going up in price. This is not a hidden gem, but worth hunting for in the wild $20
15. Superman Batman #32 (New 52) Second Print – I really don’t have a clue on the Chinese Superman’s true first appearance. However I do believe it and the Superman in All New Super- man #1 are connected. People are making a mistake on selling Superman Batman #32 though, and the second print is the money shoot
16. Justice League of America #0 – with all the Michael Turner Rebirth variants kicking butt right now I thought I would highlight the one year later JLA series by Brad Meltzer with stunning Turner variants $20-40
17. Savage Dragon #102 – this might not be a hidden gem, but I feel it is only a matter of time before Invincible becomes a t.v. show or a movie. This is the first preview of Invincible before the preview in tech jacket #1 $10-20
18. Betty and Veronica #1 SDCC 2016– Adam Hughes variant. I am very excited for the new Betty and Veronica series from Archie. It has some really awesome variants especially this one. You can only get this at the upcoming San Diego Comic Con. I can see this being a $25-50 book in no time
19. The A-Team #1 – no real spec play. Just got copies in a collection and I was like holy crap Marvel did an A-Team comic with a killer Mrm. T cover. It was a 3 issue limited series and is just freaking #awesomesauce, so I pity the fool that doesn’t hunt this down $2-5
20. Harley Quinn #1 Walmart variants – I still need a hot blond a old school animated Harley Quinn costume a camera man and a decent camera for a secret project. I have been to six Walmart’s trying to find this three pack with Batman, Detective, and Harley #1’s with no luck. eBay prices are all over the map $10 and up
once again thanks for reading. thanks for all the support until next time, blind Adam out

19 thoughts on “Blind Adam's Hidden Gems Vol. 18”

  1. My nephew loves The Flash and Captain America. So on his birthday, I gave him some Flash comics. Flash vol.2 # 91& 92, and the new 52 full run. He loved them.

  2. Just talked to some peeps in DC. They said look at Flash 30 as Hulk 180 and Flash Annual 3 as Hulk 181. Both worth getting , but at the end it could be Flash Annual 3 as the winner

    1. Normally, I would say that a cameo is a first appearance. I know that I’m in a minority and that ultimately the market will decide. I’m this case however, given the specific circumstances, I will argue that flash #30 doesn’t count because it’s not even really wally. It’s A wally from A future that doesn’t come to happen. And it’s really just a memory of that future’s flash showing us the dead wally. For these reasons, I feel that flash annual #3 is the first appearance, although normally I would argue that even a glimpse (even if it’s just a hand, Jessica cruz!) of a character is a first appearance. You can’t have a cameo without appearing.

      1. I’m with you on the cameo as 1st appearance. I hate the stupid debates.. to me, a cameo is an appearance, either they appeared or not.. so it should be treated as an appearance, even if in the background, etc. I think as long as it’s a full body or full face shot and any speaking lines, for sure it should be considered 1st appearance.

    1. my twitter is @thecomicpimp my fb is adam Anthony or fanboy delights my you tube chanel is adam Anthony or awesomesauce commix or blind adam my official website thanks so much

    1. Yes. They sold out online. The owner Eddie contacted me and said that they held back small quantities to sell at a couple of conventions. He is going to get me a list.

      1. Heh, this is the comic that might get them back in the game I think.. since they had that small fiasco a while back that soured some business for them.

  3. Adam,
    Speaking as someone who actually likes Hilary Clinton despite her flaws (yes, we exist) even I will state I doubt many comics with her are going to sell that well. She just doesn’t have people as excited as Obama did back when he went on to become President and any comic with him in it became worth gold (at least for a bit). I mean, she would be historically notable too as he was our first President of color and she would be the first female President…but people really just don’t like her. I agree that if she wins any comics featuring Bill Clinton could oddly enough shoot-up in value, as people love him.
    So, mark my words and in a year or two feel free to either congratulate me or throw-them back in my face when I’m proven wrong. Should Hilary win the presidency comics featuring her won’t be that valuable but ones with Bill Clinton strangely enough will be. Should Hilary lose it doesn’t really matter as our Nation will be plunged into darkness and nuclear war under Trump, so then it becomes moot (I’m kidding…but not really).

    1. The only thing that makes me smile about Hilary becoming President is, it gets Bill back in office.. I liked Bill.

      1. I liked Bill as well. Went to his first inauguration on House of Representatives tickets. Good times. Sat not far from the girl who played Darlene on Roseanne

  4. i just love those he said she said books. #1 amy fisher #3 bill clitton the o.j. simpson one. I am still willing to pay$150-200 for those jay and silent bob s.d.c.c. #1 or pay for lap dances and pizzahunt . as always thank you guys for everythingand hopfully I can find the asm #16 black cat variant at a convention. I leave the net for a few days to become an uncle and thingssell out blind adam out

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