Blind Adam's Hidden Gems Vol. 19

Blind Adam is a comic dealer in the NY and NJ area. (Yes, he is 90% blind) He provides a fun list of back issues each week.
Greetings to my Comics Heating Up and Awesomesauce families. Thank you for reading this each and every week. I hope to see a few of you at Boston Comic Con in a few weeks. San Diego Comic Con is here and on my bucket list of things to do before I go totally blind, anyone want to help a guy out with this in the future, let me know. Anyway, let’s make some money on some comics because you can’t teach that.

1. Showcase #56 – I loved that the Psycho Pirate was in Batman #3. He had interesting roles in Infinite Crisis and Blackest Night.I wanted to pick up his first appearance and found this was it. Just buy
the grade you can afford and hold as Psycho Pirate would be a cool villain in the Arrow-verse
2. Batman Rebirth #1 SDCC Foil Variant – this is SDCC weekend. to everyone who went have a safe and glorious one. Graffiti desigins is doing foil cover variants for Batman , Superman, and Wonder Woman #1’s according to Jesse from Jesse James comics, most of the copies were damaged and the foil is fragile. So, high grade copies might be tough down the road. $20 and up
3. New Suicide Squad #22 – this was a great read. It is the final issue before Rebirth. As a Harley Quinn fan I loved it and believe it will be a sleeper hit down the road. Search the lcs for copies and hold until after the movie as Margo Robbie will steal the show.
4. Thor Annual #4 – Ego was announced as being Starlord’s dad. He will be in the next Guardians of the Galaxy movie. If his first cameo in Thor #132 and his first appearance in Thor #133 are too much for you, here is a less expensive way to go as this does reprint issue #132.
5. Marvel Spectacular #4 – Thor Annual #4 reprints Thor #132, Ego’s Cameo, this one is a cheap reprint of Thor #133, the first full appearance of Ego in the “Behold…the Living Planet” story.
6. Maximum Security Thor Vs. Ego – a super-cheap reprint of Thor 133. Also has THOR #160 and #161 which feature Thor teaming up with Ego.
7. Green Arrow #1 (Vol. 2) – it wouldn’t be a Blind Adams Hidden Gems without a Kevin Smith comic on it right? Well, this is cool Green Arrow #1 by the greatest film maker of all time. His Green Arrow run is the start of Arrow becoming main stream and led to him having a show on CW. There is first, second, and third print. I had no clue this book had three printings until today $5-10. People love low printed re-prints these days.
8. Batman the Killing Joke Later Prints – the Killing Joke is taking over the theaters next week. Can’t wait for Monday night. A second date for July 26th was just added. This is my favorite story by Alan Moore. I believe the later prints of this classic Joker story have room to grow and are approachable prices, could go up $10-30
9. Betty and Veronica #1 Blank Cover – out of all the variants for Archie’s girls that came out this week I believe the two to own are the SDCC variant by Adam Hughes and the blank cover. You can get Betty and Veronica sketched doing anything, and I mean anything, by your favorite artist. I love blank
10. Batman 66 #25 – first Harley Quinn in the Batman 66 world. This might not have much spec play but it is Harley Quinn and Harley Quinn owns right now. $5-10
11. Web of Spiderman #36 – Tombstone is employed by the Kingpin. Two of my favorite episodes of the 1990’s Spiderman animated series featured Tombstone and it was #awesomesauce to watch Robbie Robertson have a villain. Maybe he shows up in the Netflix Daredevil, as he would be easy enough to do. $3-5
12. SCUD #9 – first action figure cover before that John Tyler Christopher dude made them a regular thing not sure of the spec play but it looks awesome in the p.c.
13. Batman Gotham Adventures #3– This has been talked about in other places but not sure it has been talked about here. This action figure inspired cover should be on people’s radar, awesome cover $5-10
14. Marvel Spotlight Volume 2 #6 – what kind of world do we live in where the first color appearance of Starlord only goes for $15-20 and the first comic book appearance of Rocket Raccoon goes for $100. Seriously, w.t.f. is up with this? With the announcement of who is dad is, and the second movie coming next year, lets make Starlord’s early appearances triple digits
15. Batgirl Special – this came out before the Killing Joke, and with the animated movie doing more with Batgirl, I belive this might be the source material for it. Compared to Killing Joke this is lower
printed and tougher to find
16. Batman Adventures Coloring Book 1993 – This has been talked about on other sites and on here by Alana. Debated about it being a first Harley Quinn?? how is this possible?? Batman Adventures #12, check, Batman Almost Got Em (which is undervalued) check. But, this coloring book from 1993 which is debates as the first Harley Quinn is only $25-50, really??
17. SDCC 2016 Funko Pop White Deadpool – thumbs up this is for Tyson B for mentioning this Deadpool, and it is a $40 Pop now. I need this because Pops are nothing but plastic crack. Look for the SDCC sticker and not the “Summer Convention” one
18. Batman The Man That Laughs 1st print – Suicide Squad is coming in two weeks. Killing Joke is hot and taking over theaters and dvd next week. If you are seeing it in the theater, Joker keys and minor
keys are on fire and it got me thinking of this Brubaker classic story that takes place after the Killing Joke. A few years back it went for $80 but fell off the map when the hardcover came out. A nice hold or quick flip
19. High Times October 2001 – Blind Adam gives you two Kevin Smith rarities this week. This time it is the hard to find issue of High Times with Kevin Smith on the cover and a short Bluntman and Chronic comic inside, plus an interview. I will pay retail on this $10
Once again hope you had a great SDCC if you went. Remember to never leave your drink unattended at the after parties.
Until next time blind adam out

21 thoughts on “Blind Adam's Hidden Gems Vol. 19”

  1. ” Batman 66 #25 – first Harley Quinn in the Batman 66 world. ”
    First cover, maybe first in-costume, but she had been appearing practically from the beginning of the series as a doctor at Arkham.

  2. I can’t say I count the coloring book. It’s not a comic. Does the late craze of adult coloring book editions skew and blur that line a little…maybe, but no.

  3. My LCS sold out of the Batman foil SDCC covers. But still has some Superman and Wonder Woman at first come first serve bases.

  4. Green Arrow (Vol. 3) #1 also has a fourth printing; although, the later printings of this Wagner-covered Smith/Hester issue are only barcode variants.

      1. Its a joke that the batman foil is doing better in sales then the superman foil sdcc, i know batman sales but people are that stupid? Look at the storyline the Superman storyline in 10 times better then the Batman storyline. I think long term people gonna wish they got the Superman foil and not the Batman foil.

      2. But thats what im sayinf this, the current sales trend makes them look stupid because this is not new 52 its rebirth, batman does Not carry the same weighht anymore like it did in new 52.
        Its a brand new chapter and in rebirth Superman Rules. Thats why im saying give them a few months and there gonna wish they got the Superman instead of waisitng money on Batman

        1. I am agreeing with you, Superman still has a way to go to win people back who dropped it after New 52, and also, people will be less likely to drop Batman after New 52.

  5. The way some shops here in San Diego get their variants is they have friends that get them at SDCC or some of the employees do them as well. At least thats what they tell me from when I ask them.

  6. Kudos on those Marvel Spotlights. Picked up solid copies at the LCS of issues 6-7. Even if they don’t go up to triple digits, they’re a fun add to the PC.

  7. Starlord is in color on the cover of all his magazine covers that predate the Marvel Spotlights. Don’t know if a cover constitutes a 1st color appearance or it has to be within the pages of a book.

  8. Hey Adam. I enjoy all of your posts! Thanks for helping to not only keep some fun in collecting but also for some great education on key issues and specs.
    I will be at Boston Comic Con this year. Hope to see you there. I broke down and got the VIP pass this time.

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