Kurt Russell as Ego 

Thanks to everyone in the comment section who mentioned this.
News out of SDCC that Kurt Russell will play Ego in Guardians of the Galaxy 2. He will be in human for, for at least a good part of his role. @AgentM, Marvel’s Twitterer on site had the reveal of the costume.

Ego has his first cameo in Thor #132 and first full appearance in Thor #133.

It also seems he will be Starlord’s father, which explains the need for a human form……

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  1. Y’know, I heard having sex with planets can give you cancer…I just though that was an urban legend…Now we know.

  2. I do remember there have been stories where Ego took on human form, but only on the surface of himself. As the Living Planet, just like how the landscape on his surface can change and interact, he has projected his consciousness through a human form there as well. But if he came to Star-Lord’s mother on Earth, that would be something new & different for the MCU.

  3. I was really sure they were going to introduce Adam Warlock in this movie. Maybe they still will, just not as Star-Lord’s father. Considering they’ve definitely included Kismet, it will be kind of funny that we get to see HER on film before we see HIM. And for all we know, it was HER cocoon glimpsed in the first film!

    1. I really want to see Adam Warlock in the Marvel U. He was very important in regard to the story they are heading toward. My only concern is Marvel, in all its pc glory might just make, “her”, “him” in regard to placing a female in a prominent role and leave Adam Warlock out altogether. I might be paranoid but with all the pc stuff going on in the Marvel comic universe who knows when that will affect the movie U. Don’t get me wrong, I am all for more kick ass woman in lead roles in Marvel films…Just don’t change traditional cannon too much.

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