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Wednesday, the best day of the week, new comic book day. It is like your birthday in the middle of each week (well, one where you buy your own presents.)

We open things up to hear from you. A free for all.

The 94th edition of the open forum!

So San Diego Comic Con was this past week. Which announcement or trailer blew you away?

As always we also want to hear about your weekly pickups.
So, What were your pick ups?
What had disappeared off the shelves?
What was sitting on the shelves?
What back issue deals did you grab?


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76 Responses to Wednesday Open Forum

  1. Alana says:

    Surprisingly cheap week with all the comic con news. Good year of research paid off and already had most of the books that found some heat from SDCC announcements.
    This weeks pick ups…………

    Journey into Mystery #99 1st full Surtur. Looked at buying this a couple times the last few months after Surtur vs. Planet Hulk battle news from Thor 3 had to get it now.

    Once our Land signed sketched HC and comic issue #1

    Ragman #1 1976 x2 Arrow news.

    Malibu Sun #15 1st Wildcats news of Wildstorm comics joining rebirth universe soon.

    Wildcats #1

    Stormwatch #1 1st appearance

    Deathmate Black #1 1st Full Gen 13

    Black Magick #1 x2

    Deadly class #1 x3 one a Forbidden Planet variant.

    Harley #1 Forbidden Planet variant had to piggyback on the pricey UK shipping on the Deadly Class variant, so another Harley variant, Why not?

    Harley #1 Pink Dell Otto x2

    New stuff for the week….

    Batgirl And The Birds Of Prey Rebirth #1 Cover B

    Flash Vol 5 #3 Cover A and B

    Both Redhood covers A and B

    Harley #30

    • OCguy72 says:

      Same here… A pretty cheap SDCC spec buying…Like you I had most of what was made official… did pick up an extra set of Thor 132 & 133 right after the announcement. they made a nice jump. The rest was readily available and nothing terribly expensive.

    • Arrowguy says:

      Ditto. Mellow week for me overall. Luckily, I already had just about all the movie/tv announcement comics this week (including RAGMAN #1 and JOURNEY INTO MYSTERY #99), but I grabbed a few more for flipping at some point (still waiting to sell my STRANGE TALES #110!). Picked up these this week:
      SOLARMAN #1 (2016)
      ONCE OUR LAND — Signed Hardcover with Original Sketch
      VENGEANCE #1 (1st appearance of Ms. America Chavez)
      YOUNG AVENGERS #1 (1-in-25 — 1st cover appearance of Ms. America Chavez)

    • Mike DePonte says:

      is JIM #97 Surtur’s cameo? Been trying to nail that one down but haven’t yet. Does anyone know what kind of appearance he makes in JIM #97?

  2. Jesus says:

    This week’s pull;

    Flash #3
    Harley Quinn #30 (for the wife)
    Wonder Woman #3 ( Frank Cho variant)
    Carnage #10 ( haven’t started to read the series yet but will do once work slows down)
    But like maybe #1 ( for the wife)
    Dark Souls #3
    Unleash #2 ( first book was intense. It has such a great twist and story. If you haven’t read it yet, try and get your hands on a copy. And the art is so amazing. Amigo comics is my new favorite Indy company).

    Was able to get a copy of Once our land #1.

  3. xman_2 says:

    My LCS has three copies of Deadly Class #1 3rd print. Do I need to get those? I looked on eBay and they seem to just sell at cover price.

  4. Ed says:

    Expensive week

    Ultimate Spider-Man 1 2011 poly bagged – Dont know if it is true, but newsarama theory is compelling
    Captain America 15 1:50 Mattina.700ish print run
    Captain America 16 1:50 Bermejo 700ish print run
    Deadly Class 1 DCBS 2 bucks
    Hulk 92 Cover A
    SDCC Saga action figures
    Batman Europa 2 1:25 to complete set

    Titans cover b, flash 3, nightwing, batgirl
    Sons of the devil

  5. Ed (Chris S) says:

    They think Donald Glover will play the Aaron Davis (ultimate prowler?) version of the vulture. I guess the tinkerer makes the wings and prowler steals them. Have not read the books myself. There are a lot of things that are interesting about he theory, but seems like it would be an odd plot line choice.

    • Ed (Chris S) says:

      The theory got going based off of some concept art similarities to the ultimate book.

      • Rob says:

        It makes a lot of sense, also if you look at the past 2 movies those villains seem more like their ultimate counterparts than the old school ones. The inclusion of Glover and Attah in the cast makes more sense now. i’m still wondering what Zendaya is going to be, new black cat?

      • Anthony says:

        Liz Allen it appears she is going to be. I think they announced it at SDCC

  6. Picking up this week:
    Squirrel Girl
    Rick & Morty

    Coming in the mail:
    SDCC Saga action figures
    Once Our Land HC

  7. Victor says:

    I’ve been looking into Deadly Class. Is the series still ongoing? Any good spec?

  8. Philippe Brault says:

    Here’s my pickups:

    From the pull list:
    Mae 3
    Predator vs Judge Dredd vs Aliens 1
    Detective Comics 937
    Flash 3
    Hal Jordan and the green lantern corps 1
    Wonder Woman 3
    Titans 1
    Outcast 19
    Civil War II 4
    Hyperion 5
    Old man Logan 9
    American Monster 4
    Black Eyed Kids 4
    Captain Kid 1
    4001AD 3
    Dark Souls 3
    Mechanism 1
    But Like Maybe? 1 (hoping it’ll heat up, bought to flip)

    Also got a Deadly Class 1 cover B when the news broke, I already have 2 cover A (one signed) and I got 2 copies of The Gun 1, cant find number 2 in Canada and 20$ shipping from the US is WAY too high.

    Again a big week… getting to be an expensive hobby :p

  9. Thankfully a lighter week…
    Action Comics #960
    Black Eyed Kids #4
    Black Panther #4
    East of West #28
    Flash #3
    Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corp #1
    Howard the Duck #9
    Mechanism #1
    Titans #1
    Unleash #2

  10. schweizerdavid says:

    Also picked up Bone Coda with a new Bone story from Jeff Smith.

    • Ed says:

      oh wow. how did I miss this? i knew it was coming, but completely lost track of it. must have

  11. David Hruska says:

    Big week:
    Divinity II #4 regular cover + 1:10 and 1:25 variants
    ‘Tec #937
    Spider-Gwen #10
    Wonder Woman #3 Cho variant
    Old Man Logan #9
    East of West #28

    Back Issues
    The Vision #1,2,6,9 all buy one get one at cover price!
    Batman #1 (New 52) been looking for this in the wild forever and I got a steal of a deal. Just need 2,3,4 to complete my Snyder/Capullo set.

    • Jesus says:

      If you are looking for 2, 3 and 4, one of my LCS has them for $25-30 and I think the condition is NM. If you want then, I can figure it out for u and let u know.

      • David Hruska says:

        I just need 3 and 4. If you can grab them at around cover price + shipping I’m fine with it. Otherwise, I’ll just keep on hunting in the wild, I really don’t mind the hunt. I appreciate the offer either way. Stuff like this is reminds me of why I love the comic community so much!

    • agentpoyo says:

      If you have Half Price books in your area, I found 2, 3 and 4 once of Batman New 52. Got them for $1 each at the time, 2 was NM, 3 and 4 were both NM-, ended up selling them as a lot for $125 total. Was a great find and flip for me I must say. 🙂

  12. Alana says:

    Anyone see any But Like Maybe? #1 on the shelves of their LCS

  13. jclu007 says:

    When I arrived at my LCS this morning, I strolled over to my pull slot and noticed I had a pack of books left there for me. The pack contained 10 copies of Harley Quinn & The Suicide Squad Special Edition #1. None of the 3 other shops I visited today had any of these. The book has “free” as its cover price and the cover is a Jim Lee Harley taking a selfie. Does anyone know what this book is?

    • jclu007 says:

      Im thinking, based on ‘bay listings, is it was a SDCC hand out? I just want to confirm exactly what it is.

    • Anthony says:

      a promo for the movie. it features some reprint stories and a new lead up to the new series
      Same as the barnes and noble one with a different cover

      • jclu007 says:

        Thx, Anthony. Just to clarify, was it a promo book distributed at SDCC only? Or is it a general distribution that anyone could get?

      • Anthony says:

        yes it was a promo. yes it was given away at SDCC, and yes, comic shops got them today. They should be the same and very similar to the ones Barnes and Noble gave out last week

  14. J. Coleman says:

    DC is killing me!

    Harley Quinn & Suicide Squad Special Edition 1
    Harley Quinn 30
    Detective 937 variant
    Titans 1 variant
    Nightwing 1 variant
    Wonder Woman 3 “controversial” variant
    Action Comics 960 variant
    Flash 3 reg
    Batgirl 1 variant
    Manifest Destiny 21 (It Came In!)
    Hip Hop Family Tree 12
    ExMortis 7
    Thief of Thieves 33
    Image Plus
    Briggs Land Ashcan (got another one)

    My shop had 3 But like maybe
    and 3 Unleash 2….they never get these Indies…good for me I guess, but I already pre-ordered them:)


    4 Kids Walk Into A Bank #2
    4001 AD War Mother #1 Cover A Regular David Mack Cover NEXT WEEK
    America #1
    Archie Vol 2 #9 Cover A Regular Veronica Fish Cover
    Arhian Head Huntress #2 1ST ish was good
    Astria #2 1ST ish was good
    Bitch Planet #8
    Blood & Dust Life & Undeath Of Judd Glenny #1 Cover A Regular Brett Weldele Cover NEXT WEEK
    Captain America Sam Wilson #10 Cover A Regular Daniel Acuna Cover (Civil War II Tie-In)
    Cry Havoc #6 Cover A Ryan Kelly & Emma Price
    Dept H #3
    Famous Monsters Presents Project Nemesis #6 Cover A Regular Matt Frank Cover
    Fury Of Firestorm #7 Plastique!
    Hal Jordan And The Green Lantern Corps #1 Cover B Variant Kevin Nowlan Cover
    Hillbilly #2 NEXT WEEK
    James Bond #7
    Justice League Vol 2 #52
    Lady Killer 2 #1 Cover B Variant Matteo Scalera Dark Horse 30th Anniversary Cover NEXT WEEK
    Lucas Stand #1 Cover A 1st Ptg Regular Lee Bermejo Cover
    Plus Ultra #4
    Pretty Deadly #10
    Queen Of Vampires #5 NEXT WEEK
    Ravening #1 Cover C Temptation Cover
    Red Hood And The Outlaws Rebirth #1 Cover A Regular Giuseppe Camuncoli Cover
    Red Sonja Vol 6 #6 Cover A Regular Marguerite Sauvage Cover
    Scarlet Witch Vol 2 #7 Cover A Regular David Aja Cover
    Snowfall #5
    Totally Awesome Hulk #7 Cover A Regular Alan Davis Cover (Civil War II Tie-In)
    X-Files Vol 3 #3 Cover A Regular Menton3 Cover
    Young Animal Preview Book – FREE NEXT WEEK
    Zombie Tramp Vol 2 #24 Cover E Variant Marcelo Trom Cover

  15. Alana says:

    Wow actually started moving some copies of Grimm Fairy Tales #0 cover b today

    • OCguy72 says:

      that’s good to know. I bought a bunch of those when they were cheap…Isn’t a show coming out soon?

      • Alana says:

        Pilot airs July 31st shows suppose to start in September may be pushed up since the pilot is just around the corner.

  16. Birdman says:

    Not a light week by any means…
    Got all the DC Rebirth titles, plus Deathstroke, Future Quest, and last issue of Harlley Quinn (reg. & variant cover – which features cute pic of HQ & Poison Ivy)
    All the Marvel Death of X covers
    Captain America (Kuder variant)
    Civil War II #4 (Noto variant)
    Civil War II Choosing Sides (cover B)
    Disney Kingdoms Haunted Mansion (Cook variant)
    Howard the Duck (Quinones variant)
    International Iron Man
    Old Man Logan
    Star Wars Episode VII reg & movie poster cover
    Totally Awesome Hulk
    American Monster
    Black Eyed Kids
    Dark Souls cover C
    4001 AD (Sook variant)
    Divinity II (Henry & Lotay variants) – the Gorham variants have been impossible to find…I was only able to get the Gorham variant on Divinity II #1
    Unleash #2 – the two copies my LCS got in were roughed up…they are working on getting me a replacement…saw just one other copy at a different store and it was banged up too.
    Several copies of HQ & the Suicide Squad special edition freebie

    From prior weeks…
    Faith #1 (Kano & Coover variants)
    Black Hammer (JL homage cover)
    Black Magick #1 (cover A) – missed the boat on this when it came out.
    Once Our Land #1

    Really hope next week is a smaller week…the 50% off DC Rebirth promo that one local chain has been running for 2+ months is (gulp!) ending 7/31…I may start pruning my Marvel titles.

  17. I didn’t make the comic shop yesterday. Life keeps getting in the way!

    American Monster #4
    Postal #13
    Sons Of the Devil #9
    Wonder Woman #3

    My shop just started giving Previews away for free for some customers. I’m curious to see if they give me a copy of Image Plus or make me pay for it.

  18. Josh M says:

    got a copy of But Like Maybe #1 – 4 of the smaller stores around me told me they sold out pretty quickly. wonder what will happen with it in the secondary market

    • agentpoyo says:

      All depends on demand. There could be one in the entire world and if no one wants it, it’s worthless. 😉

  19. Alana says:

    New Superman on Supergirl doesn’t look very SUPER looks like he is as skinny as Kara.

    • Anthony says:

      I saw him. Didn’t look very good.

      • Alana says:

        Because of the oven mit recall we now know loot crates “limited” items and comics are produced around the 350k-500k mark. At half a million made I don’t think you should be able to call that a limited exclusive anything.

      • Anthony says:

        I got the email too. Yeah. Puts things in perspective.

      • Anthony says:

        350,000×13.99= almost $5 million a month. It’s insane.

      • agentpoyo says:

        Yeah but wholesale prices on the goods inside, the custom print boxes they send out, I wonder how much profit is made on each box, probably only a few bucks at most if that.

      • Anthony says:

        Oh. I am sure. However. I am sure they get some pretty sweet deals on the items inside since they sell in such volume.

      • agentpoyo says:

        Oh for sure. I’d imagine the t-shirts they’re probably easily paying $2 each. POP! probably a few bucks. Gotta think, if they’re selling the box for $13.95, all the items in each one are going to be less than that and probably by a $5 margin or so, since one has to realize the labor they pay for people to box them up to ship out, customer service reps, other employee costs… The most expensive asset in any company are.. people! 😉

  20. John says:

    Been living in San Diego (on and off) since 1998 and never thought I would ever get to Comicon. I’m thinking that the Online lottery system is fixed and the after market online prices were a ripoff at over $500 for a one day pass… So how did this lucky bastard get in… Won tickets from the local radio station… all I had to do was answer a simple “Watchmen” question (Thank you Allen Moore!!!)

    Anyway, sat in on a couple of great Valiant panels and one Image Panel (only had tickets for two days and was completely lost since it was my first time, so I probably missed out on alot). Didn’t really catch any major announcements, but it was truly a pleasure to see, meet and listen to some of the creators.

    Not so pleasant experience… Met Howard Chaykin (Satellite Sam Artist). Groundbreaking writer and artist, but in my humble opinion… a truly miserable and horrible person

    Overall great experience and looking to try and win some tickets again next year…

    • Anthony says:

      Congrats for winning passes. That’s awesome. Sorry to hear Chaykin was a miserable sort. Takes the fun out of meeting him. I have been a fan of his art for a long time but lately it seems phoned in.

  21. brennan says:

    Been busy with a sick dog and a visit to Belle Reve Toronto yesterday. Belle Reve was cool. It had set pieces and props from the filming of suicide squad and a Harley themed smash room. Fun times. They had some free posters and pins and cool Deadshot and Harley masks.
    Anyways, here’s my wednesday picks on a thursday

    Image +
    Action comics
    Detective comics
    Hal jordan – both covers
    Batgirl – both
    Red hood – both
    Nightwing – both
    Civil war
    Titans – both
    Uncanny avengers

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