Agent Poyo’s Picks of the Week for July 27th, 2016

Each week, hundreds of new comics hit the stands. This is where Poyo tells you which one’s you should pick up to read or to spec on.

Rebirth titles are dying down. There’s a few DC number ones hitting stands but none really got me excited.

She-Wolf #1 went to second print which is surprising. Maybe it’s not my cuppa tea but I thought the first issue was just awful. It was scattered mess, the story skipped and doesn’t flow very well and didn’t make sense most of the time. I can get into that style of art but not for entire book though and it’s just strange, very strange. I’m just surprised it went to a 2nd printing so if you want a first print, buy my copy, it’s for sale on eBay. If you can’t figure out my eBay handle.. well, okay then.

So let’s get on with the picks because quite frankly, this week doesn’t seem too terribly exciting for me.

DC/Vertigo Pick

I got nothing this week. Nothing really stands out. Batgirl #1 and Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps #1 hits stands.. I’ve never been a big fan of either.

Marvel Pick

All New All Different Avengers #12 (Marvel) – Might be getting some new stuff on the new Wasp that’s going to be hitting stands soon with her own new series.

Disney’s Haunted Kingdom #5 (Marvel) Katie Cook Variant – Just a sweet looking cover by Katie Cook.

Spec Pick

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #60 (IDW) – We learn the fate of Splinter??

Flash #3 DC – Tony had the spoiler on this one. We see Godspeed.

Indie Picks

Divinity II #4 (Valiant) – Just a great read and series.

X-O Manowar #48 (Valiant) – One of my long time favorite Valiant titles countdown to #50. Just picking it because it’s a great read, artwork is always great and well, you should be reading it.

Self Storage #6 (451 Media) – Conclusion of an awesome read, Walking Dead meets Storage Wars.

Not a very exciting week for me. Just some regular pulls for me for the most part. Unless something hits us by surprise (which it usually does), not a big week. I can say some of the Death of X covers are cool.. That’s all I got though.


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5 Responses to Agent Poyo’s Picks of the Week for July 27th, 2016

  1. She Wolf was pushed pretty hard by Image. I wonder how many people jumped on it because of how heavily it was advertised. Unfortunately I haven’t heard too many positive reviews on the book. I was enjoying Dark Corridors by the same author. His art style is weird but it grew on me over time with Dark Corridors.

    • agentpoyo says:

      I couldn’t get into Dark Corridors either.. I don’t think I could even finish the first issue. Just not my style. Should of known that if I didn’t like Dark Corridors I wouldn’t have liked She-Wolf but then again, I give most things a chance to start off with.. but if the creator keeps creating these types of books, I’ll likely not bother in the future.

      • She Wolf wasn’t my type of book so I didn’t even try it. Dark Corridors was a hard sell because of the art. I know my local shop told me they couldn’t get anyone else to pick it up because of the art. It really started to grow on me as the book went on however. Tommaso might be better off writing and having someone else do the art if he wants to capture a mainstream audience. Although most of the reviews i’ve read for She Wolf say the issue is hard to follow and is confusing. I listened to an interview where he said things would start to make sense by the end of the first arc. Sadly for him, no one might be left at that point.

      • agentpoyo says:

        Yeah. If he claims it makes sense by the end of the first arc, skip the monthly 4-6 issues and just go straight to TPB.

        Honestly, I think his art is better than his writing. He should probably stick to art and let someone else write instead.

      • I scanned the pages of a preview, and like I said, his art style has grown on me. It’s definitely unique. I’ll add that Dark Corridor did the same thing. Confusing at first but all started to make sense by the end. I’ve been wanting to find the time to actually go back and read it again in one sitting.

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