Blind Adam's Hidden Gems Vol. 20

Greetings to my Awesomesauce and Comics Heating Up families. Thank you to everyone that reads this each and every week. Thank you for stopping by and shoping at my tables at conventions. If anyone is going to be at Boston Comic Con or at the Yoga Hosers event in Red Bank on Tuesday night let me know we can hang out. I love you guys, thanks for helping make some dreams cone true now lets make some money on some funny books, cause you can’t teach that!

1. Ultimate Spiderman #65 – the detention issue with that sweet Breakfast Club homage on page one. Spiderman Home Coming is set in high school and Homecoming has been said to have a John Hughes vibe. His greatest movie was the Breakfast Club staring that sweet, sweet, Molly Ringwald babe $1-3 (for now)
2. Batman Legends of the Dark Knight #50 – I loved Batman the Killing Joke animated movie. Had not a problem with it. People need to stop player hating and just enjoy it. This issue is the origin of the
Joker toxin and it is almost revealed that the jokers name is Jack.
3. Amazing Heroes #107 – what a Blind Adams Hidden Gem’s be without some TMNT love and amazing heroes #107 has a TMNT preview comic in it. I am now spec-ing on all Amazing Heroes as they have many sweet previews in them $20-40
4. Batman Shadow of the Bat #1 polybaged edition – this book has a first appearance of villain in the Gotham tv show, but on the list is for a sweet pop up Arkham Asylum blue print. Arkham asylum is about to become like Taylor Swift famous $10
5. Batman #258 – the Batman solo movie will be all about Batman fighting villans in Arkham. This is the first appearance of the Arkham hospital that would become the asylum. Just find the copy you can afford and enjoy
6. Amazing Spiderman #123 – I loved the cage Netflix trailer, sweet Christmas, it was #awesomesauce. I believe this is Cage’s first appearance outside of Hero for Hire and it is the issue after all the death; Green Goblin and Gwen’s, plus the cover… $20 and up
7. Saga of the Swamp Thing #25 – I know it is only a cameo but it is Hellblazer and compared to #37 will not break the wallet $10-20
8. Saga of the Swamp Thing #38 – Hellblazer voiced by Matt Ryan in the Justice League Dark animated trailer is amazing. JL Dark will become hot again, plus Hellblazer could show up in Legends of Tomorrow at some point. why is this second appearance so cheap?
9. Saga of the Swamp Thing #50 the first Justice League Dark is so cheap at $4-10 JL Dark was a high point of the new 52. Hellblazer is a t.v. star. Zatana will be a star some day. This book has no where to go but up up up
10. Batman #398 Second Print – tough to find second prints are all the rage these days. This is from a 3 pack I would say around the time of the first batman movie this is $20
11. Fantastic Four #235 – Ego the Living Planet is living large. Guardians of the Galaxy 2. I always loved this Ego vs the Fantastic Four story and it is cheap dollar box find
12. Thor #227-229 – Ego the Living Planet and Firelord battle Guardians of the Galaxy maybe the MCU gets to use the Silver Surfer one day. Nice Ego appearance to have for Guardians of the Galaxy 2 spec $10
13. Wonder Woman 75th Anniversary Rebirth Panel Variant – this was given away after the panel ended and it is Wonder Woman trailer that owned. No idea of a print run. This will be the long term SDCC 2016
variant to own down the road $80
14. JLA #2 (1997 Series) – I loved that Justice League footage. I was trying to figure out what to spec on for Justice League. Grant Morrison had a great run and #2 is low printed and tough to find. Money maker $10-20
15. San Diego Comic Con Comics #1 – Dark Horse Comics put these comics out at San Diego Comic Con in the 1990’s. #2 had the Hellboy first appearance but this is #1 not sure of the spec play but it is a part of comic book history $20
16. Omega Men #9 – Lobo is hot. Rumors of the main man appearing in a movie or t.v. has made #3 a pricey book. However his other Omega Men appearances, including #5 (Lobo’s 2nd appearance) still have some juice in the box. (hey I love juice boxes Ecto Cooler baby). Also, Youtube Lobo the Paramilitary Christmas fan film as it is amazing.
17. Batman Arkham Asylum Serious House on a Serious Earth HC – this pick comes straight out of Arkham and this book is one the list because Jared Leto played Joker in Suicide Squad was given this and
Killing Joke to read to prepare for the role. Plus, if a solo movie happens in Arkham why does anyone work at Arkham anyways??
18. Amazing Spiderman #6 – this came recently. Civil War 2 tie in, plus a Jessica Jones appearance. This was the best Civil War 2 tie in to date. $4 for now. Jessica Jones season 2, new Jessica Jones show related under ordered tie in issue and this is my favorite Spiderman
19. Spiderman Deadpool #1 Gamestop variant – not a “hidden gem” but Gamestop and their variants are great and this is a tough one to find $75-125 (of course, they have to ship their variants to you and many people complained about how bad the Harley #29’s arrived.)
20. Pokemon #1 Second Print – Viz had it’s major hit of 1999 with Pokemon #1. With all this darn Pokemon go stuff and Ash, Team Rocket and Misty turning twenty this year then why is this a $5 book max? You will trip over people, break a leg, all so they can catch a Pokemon in the streets of NYC but they can’t go catch a Pokemon comic w.t.f.?
Non Comic One
TV Guide 2016 SDCC editions – I love the TV Guide editions given away at SDCC each year. his year had Supergirl, The Flash, Supernatural, and Blindspot. Not sure of the spec however just fun for the p.c. $6-10
once again thanks for reading thanks for everything until next week
blind adam out

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  1. Wasn’t aware of the Batman #398 Second Print. What is the difference between the second and the first print? Is there a cover variance or is it just an indicia notation?

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