Kickstarter Spotlight: Dan Mendoza’s Dollface

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This one will not be for everyone, and I understand, but Zombie Tramp creator Dan Mendoza has a Kickstarter going that is worth checking out. The Kickstarter is to fund a new series called Dollface Tales of the Ball Jointed Witch Hunter

Before getting into the Kickstarter itself, I should mention that Dan Mendoza’s previous creation, Zombie Tramp, is one of those cult books that have shot up in value as people discover it. The story of Zombie Tramp is about a girl named Janey Belle who is a zombie with the ability to jump from body to body. The original Super Real series goes for big money if you can find it. The Vol. 1 TPB also goes for good money, again, if you can find it. The Four Issue Mini Series volume 2 from Action Labs does not do bad either. Even the Action Labs Ongoing #1 goes for $15-20. Even Dan Mendoza’s first published work, Super Real Vs. the Movie Industry, sells to Zombie Tramp fans. Needless to say, with a title like Zombie Tramp, this is not an all ages book and does contain mature themes. This is a book that many people do not think to look for but is a great flip if you find them sitting in the back issue bins or on the store’s shelf.


With that preface, here is the Kickstarter for Dollface.

What happens when the soul of a witch’s virgin sacrifice from 17th century Salem, MA, gets infused into a life-sized, ball-jointed, 3D printed, sex bot in present time? Get set for this quirky adventure full of M.I.T. nerds, Necronomicons, sadistic witches, cute sidekick ghosts, and one bad-ass witch hunting, Gothic Lolita.

It’s Weird Science and Buffy the Vampire Slayer meets The Bride of Frankenstein!

The Kickstarter has a goal of $6,500 and with five days left is sitting at $23,723. There are several Stretch goals that have already been unlocked, including the Halloween Comicfest issue, and Zombie Tramp ongoing #4, and #3. Issue 3 unlocks at $25,000 and issue #1 unlocks at $30,000. Interested to see if this level can be achieved.


The physical copy tier starts at $20, but there are some covers limited to 50 copies that start at the $30 funding range that are worth considering.

Remember, funding Kickstarters is not without it’s risks.



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6 Responses to Kickstarter Spotlight: Dan Mendoza’s Dollface

  1. MICHAEL C says:

    Thanks for reminding me on this one just ordered pinup cover.

  2. John Oppliger says:

    Not to discourage anyone that’s interested in this comic series, but this crowd-funding campaign is a good example of why Kickstarter has turned into bullsh*t. This crowd-funding campaign is co-run by creator Dan Mendoza and Action Lab Comics CEO Bryan Seaton. Action Lab Comics is a successful publisher printing multiple monthly variants of Mendoza’s Zombie Tramp in addition to many other comic series. There’s absolutely no reason why Mendoza & Seaton can’t publish “Dollface” in the traditional publisher-funded method that every other Action Lab comic is brought to market. This is not some amateur start-up or an artist seeking to preserve creative freedom. The only reason they’re seeking crowd funding is because crowd-funding reduces their publishing costs. Even the campaign’s Kickstarter page is noticeably missing the typical “Why Kickstarter?” explanation.

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