Blind Adam's Hidden Gems Vol. 22

Greetings to my Comics Heating Up and Awesomeness families. Thank you for reading this each and every week. I love you guys and thank you guys for helping make my dreams come true. Before I get rolling, if you don’t want spoilers, haven’t seen Suicide Squad yet, read this weeks comics, or watched this weeks television shows yet, please be warned as I might spoil something. Now, lets make some money on some comics cause you can’t teach that.

1. Batman 66 Meets The Green Hornet #1 second print – For me, this might not have much spec play, however it is written by the legendary film maker Kevin P. Smith. Clerks, Yoga Hosers, Green Arrow, Daredevil, he is the main man of entertainment, both movies and comics, and you can’t teach that. He did this mini series set in the Batman 66 television world and it is a crossover with the Green Hornet. The Batman/Hornet episodes were my favorites and I do believe this second print could one day become a $20 book.
2. Action Comics #60 – I know most of us on this site can’t afford Golden Age books, however this is the first time Lois Lane gained super powers and went by Superwoman. With Superwoman #1 dropping this week I thought it was worth a mention. Just hunt out the grade you can afford if you have the means
2B. All-Star Superman #3 – Superman gives Lois superpowers for 24 hours. Recent and cheap appearance of Lois as Superwoman
3. Girls #1 Second Print – I am a big fan of the Luna Brothers work. Girls is their best known work. Didn’t know it had a second print until today
4. Ghost Rider #5 – Ghost Rider vs The Punisher. TV stars in a fight. With Ghost Rider soon to be on Agents of Shield and the Punisher on Netflix I can see people hunting for good back issues of both dudes $5
5. Wolverine #41 Second Print Gold Lettering (1988 series) – Cable appearance and a new Wolverine movie plus Cable in Deadpool 2 this is a rare second print that can be found in the wild
6. Rick and Morty #1 second print – I believe Rick and Morty is the best thing Adult Swim has. Watch the voice actors do the State of Georgia vs Allen and see what I mean. And I can see the later printings of this series especially #1 gaining traction as time goes on $10 and up
7. Megaton Explosion 1 – this issue of Megaton features the first Pre-Image appearance of Youngblood. With the poster in Outcast and it being the 25 anniversary of Youngblood #1, I thought this might be a better spec play then Youngblood #1. $25 and up.
8. The Amazing Spider-man #195 Mark Jewelers insert variant – this is the second appearance of the Black Cat. As I kid I loved this split cover especially the Mary Jane Watson scene and that image of the Black Cat. Plus, it led into the Aunt May Mysterio story line that climaxed in #200. I know the Mark Jewelers variants are collectible and came across this in an eBay search for Amazing Spider-man $20-50
9. Zatanna #16 – you just got to love this Adam Hughes cover of Zatanna. Adam Hughes covers are in demand testify $20
10. GI Joe #2 (Volume 4) Adam Hughes retailer cover. Damn this variant is hot. I love this cover $30-60
11. Batman Confidential #7-10 – This series is cheap. Great reads and an under-appreciated series. These issues featured a Joker origin story with Harley Quinn appearances to boot and they are cheap $3-5
12. Superman Adventures #21 – this is the first appearance of the animated Supergirl in Superman adventures. Was surprised to see it under $20, why??
13. Superman Annual #1 – Can’t afford a copy of Action Comics #252? Has the CBS & CW Supergirl got you craving Supergirl appearances? Well this annual reprints Action Comics #252 and it is cheap. For even cheaper, but more modern reprints, check out the DC Silver Age Classics Action Comics #252 and Millennium Edition Action Comics #252
14. Men in Black #3 (First Series) – watching Suicide Squad brought back memories of Will Smith in Men in Black. He was great in that, but I enjoyed the Animated Men in Black better then the live action. #3 from the first mini series has a low print run and might be tougher to find (or maybe impossible) in the wild
15. Wonder Woman #204 (First Series) – Wonder Woman gets her classic look back. Rewatching that trailer in the theater got me excited for Wonder Woman and speculating on her back issue comics. This bronze age classic which brings back the classic look came to mind. $25 and up
16. Kick Ass #8 (First Mini Series) – I am excited for the new Kick Ass and Hitgirl series. It got me thinking of what the toughest Kick Ass comic might be. Issue #8 came to mind. This is the last issue of the first mini series which is cheap $5-10
17. Marvel Treasury Edition #28 – I love the over-sized treasury editions of the bronze and copper age. They had heart and were the first trade paperbacks to me. This was a Marvel and DC crossover featuring Spider-man, Superman, The Hulk, and other heroes and that orange cover reeked of awesomeness. There is also a small paperback edition of this as well $15-25
18. Spider-man Maximum Cloneage #1 Alpha Gold variant – first of all why can’t marvel leave the Clone Saga alone? It died with Spider-man #75. This gold variant of an off beat one shot during the nineties Clone Saga is #awesomesauce $30-50
19. Zombie Tramp #13 Blank Sketch Variant – Zombie Tramp is hot and in more ways then one, testify. This is a cool #13 blank variant and blank variants make the money when they are still blank or sketched on by in demand artists or have unique sketches on em $10-20
20. Jab #1 – This might have no real spec play at all, but this is a classic series featuring Too Much Coffee Man. I justed loved this series and always thought it would make a great cartoon in the vain of the Maxx and adult swim would be great for it. Jab #1 is Too Much Coffee Man’s first appearance. $10 and up
I hope to see a few of you at the Boston Comic Con or at the upcoming Terrificon in Connecticut, whatever a Connecticut is anyways. Until next time blind adam out

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  1. Sold my copies of Rick and Morty #1 2nd print way to early. Could of made more $ lol. But it it what it is. And yet gain a great list Adam.

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