Animosity #1 Frankie's Comics Variant Cover Image Released

Brian and Kevin, from Frankie’s Comics, have sent out the image of their Michael Gaydos cover image for Frankie’s Comics Variant of Animosity #1, and it is a beauty. Check it out below.

Congrats to anyone who jumped in on this as it is a great looking cover.
animosity frankies

23 thoughts on “Animosity #1 Frankie's Comics Variant Cover Image Released”

    1. I’d have to agree. This is a horrible cover, worst variant I’ve ever seen. well….Unless someone is selling one for cover price that is.

  1. Its a sweet cover, but isnt it a 2nd printing? My Fav is the BlindBox BW Variant No 1 – going for major dinero on ebay.

      1. 2nd print? If that’s the case, I’d like to see every single variant for every single book released after the first issue labeled as such.
        A few examples would be every Henchgirl variant done by any retailer, every Solarman variant, the upcoming Once Our Land variant, over half of the retailer variants for books like We Can Never Go Home, and the other 3 or 4 upcoming variants for Animosity #1 being done by cbsi, Little Shop of Comics, Blind Box doing another and Aftershock has a convention variant and a retailer summit variant.
        So I hope ALL retailer variants releasing after the first issue are going to be called and labeled 2nd prints too, you know, just to be fair and everything.

    1. The UK shop that just did a Henchgirl #1 and Solarman #1 variant second prints is now doing a second print variant for Once Our Land #1.

      1. I spoke with the Peter Ricq on July 30th via email. I emailed him directly to ask about the Once Our Land HC + sketch that i ordered. He replied, ‘Thanks for the purchase. It’ll take between 1 month to four months. I’ve had 200 orders in two days and most orders require a doodle like yours 🙂 . I never expected this large of an order and work 60 hour weeks. Hope you can endure the wait, my apologies. I’ll ask for address shortly ish.’. Im hoping its closer to the 1 month mark.

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