Comics Picks of the Week for Delivery 8/17/16

Each week hundreds of new comics hit the shelves, each with potential. Some live up to that potential. We pick the ones we think have the best shot at heating up. Here are our picks of the week for delivery 8/17/16:

What an amazing week of comics coming out. So many good books. A very heavy Dark Horse week too, with some new books and returning books.

Returning Favorites
Black Hammer #2 – Loved the first issue and cannot wait to see where this goes. Fun read right at home with Hellboy at Dark Horse.

Rumble #13 – Such a great book, dynamic art and awesome story. This month’s issue has a cover by horror legend Richard Corben!

Tales from the Darkside #3 – Joe Hill doing classic anthology horror. So good.

Scooby Apocalypse #4 – As weird as it is, I cannot get enough of this odd ball Scooby series.

New #1’s
Demonic #1 – The Kirkman one shot has seen life again due to the series coming out, while it is not Kirkman writing, it will be cool to revist this Pilot Season book.

Small Press Pick of the Week
Jackboot and Ironheel #1 – Nazi zombies. A Royal Air Force Tailgunner is held captive in a creppy castle after being shot down. From IDW and done by Judge Dredd’s Max Millgate.

Runner up Pick of the Week
Supergirl Rebirth #1 Adam Hughes Variant – Yes, this will be a very heavily ordered cover, potentially. People will be buying these up. I know I ordered 10 copies of this cover alone to have Adam Hughes sign at Baltimore Comic Con. These beauties will be off to grading in just a few short weeks (Batimore is the first weekend in September.)

Briggs Land #1 – I gave the heads up on this one back in May of this year. It is already being adapted for a TV show, and creator Brian Wood is adapting it. Built in spec. Cannot beat that. No doubt the book will be a good read from the preview I saw, but it cannot be passed up due to the AMC TV show coming. Paired after The Walking Dead and it could easily be a book sought after. However, with the news coming out so early that it was being adapted, this will be on a lot of speculators radars. Even Outcast, which had a ton of copies ordered, is a $20 book, a buy and hold on this one.


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34 Responses to Comics Picks of the Week for Delivery 8/17/16

  1. agentpoyo says:

    You should get my Hughes Supergirl issues I pre-ordered signed as well.. expect a package, I’m sending them to you regardless if you agree or not. πŸ˜‰

  2. agentpoyo says:

    Paper shredder or the TMNT shredder….. cause TMNT would be totally welcome if you could pull that off.

  3. krighton says:

    Briggs Land Ashcan SDCC might get some love after the regular comes out.

    • agentpoyo says:

      I thought it’s been getting some love.. probably more loving after issue #1 hits stands. πŸ™‚

  4. A. King says:

    Tales from the Darkside and Scooby Apocalypse are great.

    • Anthony says:

      Scooby is totally cheesy but it is Scooby Doo after all. I have been a fan since I was a kid. My love for Velma (ok well movie version and hot cosplay versions) had no end.

  5. The whole debacle with Brian Wood and his sexual harassment in the past left a really bad taste in my mouth regarding his work. That said, “Starve,” was an interesting comic and I think I would like to check out at least the first issue of, “Briggs Land.” I for sure think of him differently though.

    • Anthony says:

      Never say sexual harassment leaves a bad taste in your mouth. (While I am not making fun of the situation I have to make fun of the implications of that sentence)

    • agentpoyo says:

      I can relate about the harassment but when accusations were made and he admitted somewhat to it (we all know it was a little deeper than he made it out to be), but it’s now pretty much left at that and he’s known to be sort of a perverted pig man.. I still think he’s a great writer. Let’s just hope he stays in check and doesn’t do anything stupid to ruin his career further.

      • David Bitterbaum says:

        There are plenty of writers who have views or engage in activities I disagree with, but when they take actions that are upsetting I have a harder time reconciling that. Grant Morrison is a vegetarian and against testing even life-saving drugs on animals, but I still love his writing, and Warren Ellis smokes like a chimney but that won’t keep me from enjoying his work. When a writer actively does something just incredibly sleazy it really gives me pause and makes it a bit harder for me to enjoy their work though. In some ways it is even worse Brian Wood admitted to some things so casually, literally stating, “Yeah, I made a pass at her,” because as you say, Poyo, things undoubtedly go deeper and get more complex than that. I can still agree Wood is a stellar writer, but it worries me how quickly the comic industry itself was to drop the issue and pretend it never happened…

  6. BEAU says:

    I cant remember the last time I read a comic, maybe Black science…Thief of thieves, whens that Gona be a movie/TV show!?

  7. BEAU says:

    Also sexual harassment is usually just guys with really bad game…..

  8. zack hart says:

    Ended up with 140 copies of briggs, let’s hope something happens with it

  9. Hugh Janus says:

    140 copies is well outside of my comfort zone.

  10. 140 and the 20% ebay takes…hope you have some local subscribers to push them off on….or youll be the Turdball on ebay undercutting everyone else…

  11. it is a show going to amc. i think 140 copies will be fine . once more information comes out and people then want it more . plus i can see it being a $5-10 book by n.y.c.c. woods is a great writer

    • zack hart says:

      I see this book hitting $15/20

      Selling at that price will bring in a hood enough return for me

      Oh update up to 170 issues

    • zack hart says:

      Thanks for the comments

      Not all the book was at a discount.some where tho.

      The way I see it is this book reaches $15/20 I’m doing OK

      Oh I also have 170 copies now after a friend didn’t want his

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