Blind Adam’s Hidden Gems Vol. 23

Greetings to my Comics Heating Up and Awesomesauce families. Thank you for reading this each and every week. Thank you for helping make my dreams come true. Thank you Anthony for allowing me to play in your sandbox. I love you guys, now lets make some money on some comics cause you can’t teach that.

1. Suicide Squad #6 Second Print (New 52) – Harley Quinn is hot in more ways then one. I have seen the Suicide Squad movie three times now and Margot is the force behind this flick and Harley comics have no way to go but up,up, up. This is the New 52 origin $15-30
2. Suicide Squad #7 Second Print – see the above Harley Quinn origin equals money nuff said
3. Mallrats The Comic Book Kitchen Sink Edition. Kevin Smith is the greatest film maker of all time. Mallrats is the greatest movie of all time. Testify. Mallbrats is coming and that is #awesomesauce. This is a rare find as the Mallrats companion that is sold at the Secret Stash is more common, but I have never seen a first edition from Kitchen Sink. I would gladally pay triple digits for it, The second print autographed by Kevin Smith is a $20-40 easy.
4. Spider-man #1 Limited Collectors Item Edition Chrome Cover – in the late 90’s Marvel put out a few limited collector item classics Amazing Spider-Man #300 is the most valued out of them but this Spider-man #1 by Todd McFarlane is a close second. Can be found in the wild but the giant sized X-Men and Uncanny X-men #141 are part of this set as well. The Spidey goes for $150
5. Flash #108 (Volume 2) – this has been covered elsewhere not sure where but Savitar is coming to the CW show so we will get another evil speedster for season three and this book is going up $10-25
6. Civil War Choosing Sides #1 – the one shot from the original Civil War. For all the Howard the Duck fans out there this story features the first modern age appearance of Howard the Duck and it is years before he made his cameo in Guardians of the Galaxy and it is cheap $5-10. Yes, there was the 2002 Max series, but it just doesn’t fit.
7. Marvel Tales Flip Magazine #7– this is a rare find. It reprints Amazing Spider-man #36 with an awesome new cover plus it features a reprint of Runaways #1 which is going to be a Hulu show. This is a tough find $50
8. Amazing Spider-man #289 – Ned Leeds is in Spider-man Homecoming. They could make Ned the Hobgoblin. This issue reveals that Ned was the Hobgoblin, which I loved as a kid, $10-20
9. The Crow #1 Image comics – does anyone remember when Image did the Crow comics? Well before IDW got the series. This is a dollar box find and a new movie is coming out. WTF, another Crow movie ? Believe it or not, this is the second Crow series to be released following the 1989 Caliber series (and the 1992 Tundra reprints). There is also a Todd McFarlane variant for this.
10. Star Trek #60 – this just came out this week. It is the final issue of a cool story line featuring Star Trek and it is cool. Maybe it could have no spec play, but I just love final issues $4
11. DC Sampler #3 – this has the first cover and images of Hellblazer and pre-dates Swamp Thing #37. It is not a easy find $20
12. The Comic Book Reader #110– I love old fanzines. This one has a Luke Cage cover plus a print ad for Incredible Hulk #182. Luke Cage, Wolverine the hulk kicking butt and taking names it is the perfect storm at $20-30
13. Mad Freaks USA #1 – this is a fanzine devoted to the gang of idiots at Mad Magazine. This is just #awesomesauce and has no real spec value $10
14. Sensation Comics #4 – Adam Hughes is on fire. This is his best Wonder Woman cover to date and you can get cheaper then his cover to wonder woman #600. It was highly ordered so you should be able to find these cheap.
15. Fury of Firestorm #7 – by now everyone knows this is the first appearance of Plastique. She was in an episode of The Flash season one and was featured in an episode of Smallville. If there is a Suicide Squad 2, maybe they can use her. This book has cooled of a tad, $6-10
16. Caliber Presents #15 – a rare appearance of the Crow this was suposed to be the crow #5. It is not an easy find in the wild but just in case the next crow movie takes off, this might be a nice snag and hold for now $20
17. Captain America #234-235 – this two part has it all; Cap, Daredevil, Frank Miller covers.  Just amazing stuff. Plus #235 has Daredevil driving a car. Cap movies, Daredevil on Netflix, why are these issues so cheap $2-5
18. Wonder Woman #105 (Volume 2 1996) – Casey Sandsmark as Wonder Girl was a blast in Young Justice the comic book. I can see her coming to the screen in a wonder woman sequel $10
19. New Teen Titans #28 – Terra Marko is a great character . I will be interested to see how Rebirth handles her.  $5-10
20. Birds of Prey #127 – this is the final issue of Birds of Prey before the New 52. This is the end of a great era at the house of the Birds of Prey as the New 52 series positively, absolutely,  with out a shadow of a doubt sucked $5
I hope to see a few of you at Terificon. Hopfully I can make it as I have been feeling under the weather this week. Until next time, blind adam out

16 thoughts on “Blind Adam’s Hidden Gems Vol. 23”

  1. I picked out a copy of the DC Sampler from a quarter box over the weekend, and the owner of the shop refused to sell it to me , because “his guys put it in there by mistake when he was away” This along with Deathnate Blacks (1st Gen13) of which there were probably 10 copies in the boxes. Argued awhile then gave up …total d-bag.
    So avoid DIMENSION X COMICS in Middletown Pa. as he needs time to clean out his boxes.

    1. I never understand why shops do that. Yes, a customer could have done it however if there were 10 copies of the Deathmate in there, that was not a lazy customer. If it is priced that way, in a box or not, it is not your responsibility to point it out.
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      1. Yeah, I totally get stuff being misplaced by other customers, but not when there is a quantity of copies. And scattered throughout the boxes too. And this wasn’t a matter of saying only the boojs were misfiled, he flat out put them under the counter and wouldn’t selk them to me or even offer a price.
        Once before I had an issue with him, as all his backstock of newer comics are merchandised on the racks, sometimes 6 or more issues of a series still out neither bagged or boarded, but when you take them up to pay he’ll try to charge more for certain issues that have “gone up”. The week Wonder Woman rebirth came out he was doing that with the Artgerm cover, asking $15 when you went to pay.
        We had another shop around here that actualky put up signs over the back issue bins and walk books saying they reserved the right to change prices in the event a book increased and they missed it! The IRS shut that place down kast summer.

      2. Hey Anthony side note, Flash dropping this wed says its Wally West first steps in becoming kid flash? see if u can get ur guys to do a spoiler on that one

    1. Sorry for venting Adam, didn’t mean to hijack your thread. Always a great column. Gotta get that Sensation signed by Hughes next week in Baltimore!

      1. If you are in Baltimore next week. Look for me and say hi. Always like putting faces to names. I will be doing the same thing as well as getting some Supergirl variants signed for grading.

  2. Best picks tend to be lesser known comics that are already selling for higher prices. Less certain are those that require years to heat up.

  3. Hot off the press Savitar has not been cast yet but will be in the show, the speedster in black from the coming season trailer is back to being reportedly the Black racer.

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