One to Watch: Detective Comics #939

Thanks to Jay for starting the conversation on this one.

Since the Rebirth series started, the renumbered Detective Comics book has been really good. The Batman team, the new Batcave building in the middle of Gotham, and Clayface, has made the series really interesting to me. But it seems that the series is about to take a turn with Detective Comics #939.

The interesting thing is, the covers have been obscured up until recently. In fact, TFAW and Mycomicshop still have the cover art not showing. This leads you to wonder if something bad happens to someone on the cover.

Here are the covers though:


Blastr had a short preview of the book showing Tim Drake, aka Red Robin, will be leaving to go to college.


According to the solicitation though, things may end worse than just Red Robin leaving for college:

Rise of the Batmen’ part six! The full scope of the Colony’s plans, and their mysterious leader, have all been revealed…so what’s it going to take to stop them? Believe us, you are not prepared for the last scene!

Does someone die?

The cover to Detective Comics #940 shows a sullen team with Batgirl looking especially sad. However, Red Robin is on the cover. The variant has not been released yet.


Detective Comics #939 is out this Wednesday 8/24/16


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20 Responses to One to Watch: Detective Comics #939

  1. agentpoyo says:

    I’m not a big Tynion fan but I’ve been enjoying Detective Comics since the After Birth..

  2. Alana says:

    So what’s the spec here?

    • agentpoyo says:

      A possible death from what I’ve read, but it’s all just spec and rumors.

    • Anthony says:

      Not sure it is spec yet. Something big seems to happen and won’t know what until the spoilers come in Tuesday.

      • Kyle says:

        Nothing happens in #939. Some people have already read it.

      • Anthony says:

        Cool. Have them send me the last page.

      • Jay says:

        Trying to see which company grades tougher

        U think i have better luck removing a slabbed comic from CGC and grading it through CBCS for a higher grade?

        Or removing a slabbed comic from CBCS and grading it through CGC for a higher grade?


      • Anthony says:

        For moderns it seems CBCS grades harder but as of lately weird high grades Cgc books have been popping up that are not in that grade. So if by hook or by crook you want a higher grade, go with cgc.

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      • Jay says:

        Well its a 80’s book or bronze book, and some peeps say those cbcs actually grader higher?

        So im thinking if i get a cbcs slab and then take it and give to cgc u think it will come back higher since cgc gives higher grades?

        Or for an 80s comic both companies should be about the same?

  3. krighton says:

    easy way to figure it out…who’s missing on the cover

  4. krighton says:

    Batgirl sad, maybe Gordon bites it.

  5. Alana says:

    Well if Tim Drakes 1st appearance batman # 436 still goes for cover price after (which I found for .60cents) 26years I would imagine his death will stay at cover price as well.

    • Anthony says:

      Not sure it is Tim Drake dying

      • Alana says:

        Any chance it’s Alfred that could die wasn’t he recently wearing the bat suit.

      • Jay says:

        Tim drake first app will soon blow up, he hasint gotten exposure like this before, his in real robin gear not some weird robin gear and detective comics is doing real good right now. Its prob gonn get to a point where something big is gonna happen soon like dick nightwing or jason redhood, damian got the robin , so somethings gonna give for tim drake. Soon as whatever that “event” is, it will go for same price has red hood first app at minimum

    • Wally West says:

      jay you got any strawberry shortcake spec news for us?

  6. Brian Beck Pascoe says:

    There a a million + first apps of Tim Drake in circulation. Batman 635 (1st Jason Red Hood) is much lower than that. Unless the character gets Deadpool-big, the first Tim Drake app will never be on par with fist Jason Todd Red Hood.

    • Jay says:

      Batman 436 is the first app periord. Second, What did i just say? Didnt u hear me say its gonna get to a point wher something big is going to happen? He aint gonna stay red robin. Jason todd only blew up once he became redhood, expect something similar for tim drake. Jason todd first app aint in par with dick grayson either so ya i can make that case also.

  7. Joshua Masters says:

    What about Kanes dad? I doubt it’s going to be anyone in the immediate Bat family. This isn’t Marvel.
    Or that kid General Ulysses? Maybe he has a change of conscience right before he dies?

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