Baltimore Comic Con 2016 Wrap Up 

Another year at Baltimore has come and gone. It was a fun one for me this year attending the retailer dinner, the retailer summit, and that was all before hitting the con. Here are my highlights.
Having a press pass means that I get in early to the show so I started my “work day” by hunting down Howard Chaykin and Tom Palmer to sign a copy of Star Wars #1 for Drunk Wooky. This was one of two books I was getting signed and slabbed for him (I am a signature verification witness for CBCS). Then it was off to track Adam Hughes down to sign close to 30 books that were being submitted (a bulk being 10 copies of Supergirl Rebirth #1 which had been signed by Steve Orlando the week before) 11 more of these were submitted for me.

Also did the Catwoman #51 and some Betty and Veronica books. Hughes was limiting each of his signings to 5 books a piece so I went through two different signings with him to get a small portion done, but enlisted the aid of some people in line to get the rest done. I was enlisted, myself, to help Matt Saltzman, for a Hughes sketch and the people he had helping him helped me as well.

I ran into some creators I love talking to, including Sebastion from Stranger Comics, Bill McKay, and Brian Pulado. I had some long punk rock music conversations with both Bill and Brian.

Aftershock had some great prices slabbed Black Eyed Kids, $25 each, and I couldn’t pass them up.

I picked up some really great $2 reading material, yes $2.

I got in trouble for snapping a shot of Hodor. They made me erase it, but you see how well that worked.

There were some great cos-players there, but I skipped over snapping shots of them this year, but here are my three favorite.  There were a ton of Harley’s, of course.

The guy dressed as Blacula asked me if I knew who he was supposed to be. I laughed and said of course, I had seen the Blacula movies numerous times and he was happy that I knew he was not Dracula.

I spoke to a ton of creators, but Rob Guillory and John Laymen were my favorites as I am a big fan of Chew.

Other than the fire alarm, which a a couple of retailers took advantage of to mark down prices, the show went off without a hitch.

Baltimore being one of the great comic cons on the East Coast, and not a full on multimedia extravaganza that other shows are, there were a ton of comic vendors selling comics. Sure there were pops, cosplay props, and other vendors too, but the comic selection is really top notch.

Finally, I found a little indie book that has mostly gone unnoticed that is in production and about to start filming soon by Lakeshore Entertainment called Rottentail by Source Point Press that was worth picking up for a read. It has only ever been printed in graphic novel form but there was a preview book that came out in 2005.

Overall a great show, looking forward to Baltimore next year, and NYCC coming up.



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11 Responses to Baltimore Comic Con 2016 Wrap Up 

  1. Louie says:

    Nice finds over there, looks like fun! Hope I can make it out to nycc someday

  2. A. King says:

    Looks like you had a good time. I am definitely going to be there next year.

  3. DrunkWooky says:

    First, thanks for the sigs! Second, you made out like a bandit on your $2.00 pick ups! Nicely done!

  4. There were plenty of low priced dollar bin grabs but I found it odd that on the $20- $150 or so keys, dealers weren’t willing to bargain very much. Didn’t make much sense when taking into acct. the cost of the weekend for them. If someone is looking for a $50, don’t they think that the consumer knows the value? I saw A LOT of dealers lose out on sales. All in all though, great time.

    • 119500 says:

      This is at every con I go to, people just figure they will sell it online or at the next one, I don’t ever buy key issues or hot books at cons. My con tip is just DIG DIG DIG you will find a $20 book for $2 rather that a $100 book for $90. Flipping is the key word here!

  5. emiobeg says:

    Awesome grabs!!! Loving that 9.8 B.E.K

  6. Carlos says:

    Hi Anthony. I’m one of the guys that helped you get your Hughes signatures with Matt. Glad to help a fellow collector. Let me know what grade you get on them. Also I was speak to Tom Palmer earlier in the day and he mentioned charging someone $10.00 for his signature on Star Wars 1. I’m guessing it was you.
    Nice finds and looking forward to meet you again. Are you going to NYC?

    • Anthony says:

      Yes. Sir. Thank you for the help. It was greatly appreciated. Also, yes, Tom Palmer did charge me $10 for his signature. That was my pal, Drunk Wooky’s book. Since it was being graded he wanted a fee. However, I was not selling the book or charging for the service on that one but I did not argue with him. Older artists need money too. Yes. I am going to NYCC and cannot wait for October.

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