Blind Adam's Hidden Gems #25

Greetings to my Comics Heating Up & Awesomesauce families. Have a safe labor day weekend. I have been sick with a cold for awhile now so I will not be at the Baltimore Comic Con which stinks, but I will have some news to share soon enough on a secret project. So thanks for reading, thanks for listening, and thanks for making all of my dreams come true.
Now, lets make some money on some comics, cause you can’t teach that.

1. New Teen Titans #9 – everyone is chasing New Teen Titans #2, the first Deathstroke, awesome that book needs to climb up the price ladder. However, issue #9 is Slade’s second appearance and way cheaper and easier to find as well.
2. New Teen Titans #10 – third Deathstroke. Awesome cover with Starfire. Deathstroke is just #awesomesauce
4. Deathstroke 6-9 – I always loved the solo Deathstroke series, early issues are easy to find in dollar boxes and now I am putting together a set. Maybe three sets. This is Deathstroke and Batman teaming up. Think about it, in that footage it didn’t mention if Deathstroke was in JLA or the solo Batman movie. The reason I am specing on this story it is Batman teaming with Deathstroke
5. Deathstroke #9 New 52 series – please don’t kill the messager, plus I am a fan of Deathstroke, I am a fan of Rob Liefeld, and this issue is tough to find (so is issue #20 of this series) $5-10
6. Green Arrow #135 (Series 2) – first time Deathstroke is in a Green Arrow comic. Low print run as this series was ending it’s run. Still cheap but tough to find in the wild $5
7. Greed Magazine #6 – this is a tough find. It is the first appearance of one of my favorite independent comics of all time, Milk and Cheese by Evan Dorkan and is a easy $80-100. No real spec play just a cool book to have. And speaking of no real spec play…
8. Rom Space Knight #36 – This Rom issue is the first published work of Evan Dorkan. This is a dollar box book, $3 max, no real spec play, just thought it was #awesomesauce
9. Cerebus #20 – this is the second appearance of Milk and Cheese and finding early Cerebus issues in the wild is not a easy task $10
10. Marvel Year in Review 1992 – this is a black and white magazine. It features a killer Punisher cover and is the second appearance of Squirrel Girl. I believe this is tougher to find then the Marvel Super Heroes v2 #8 $40
11. Spawn Manga – this came out in 1998. It was a Japanese import and was the size of a thick graphic novel phone book. With Spawn gaining traction once again, I thought it was the time to mention this $20
12. Superman Batman Annual #1 – Deadpool in the DCU. Jeph Loeb and Ed McGuinness – Deathstroke equals money, Deadpool equals money, put them together and you have sick money.
13. Fantastic Four #546 Wizard World Philly Michael Turner variant – remember when Wizard World was a magazine about comics? Now they run (debatable) awesome conventions and if this wasn’t a family friendly site, I would tell about the after parties at the Wizard World shows… but back in 2007, this Michael Turner variant was an exclusive for the show and is a tough find in the wild $20-50
14. The Pulse #13 – I am excited for the Luke Cage Netflix and Jessica Jones season 2 on Netflix so I believe sometime in the Netflix future Jessica will have Luke’s baby girl Danielle Cage who is born in this book $10
15. Deadpool GLI Summer Fun #1 – a hard to find Deadpool one shot featuring Squirell girl to boot $15-25
16. Wizard the Guide to Comics #31 – for all the Hellboy fans and collectors in the awesomesauce family. Here is a early Hellboy appearance in Wizard. If you search on eBay or Mycomicshop or at a mid-sized con, you should be able to track one down for around $10
17. Villains United #1 – Deathstroke plus Deadshot. Gale Simmone. Does this qualify for the First Secret Six? maybe… maybe not. I say so, plus Suicide Squad 2 could feature Deathstroke in it, depending on how many movies he gets, plus, this is a cheap spec $3-5
18. Sandman #50 Platinum Edition – Remember the platinum retailer thank you editions? I didn’t even know this one was made until recently. Lucifer is coming back for season two. I would love to see more Sandman ties to Lucifer in the show, however, with the Sandman #75 second print being so hard to find, this might be a easier and cheaper find $20-50
19. Sandman #50 Platinum Edition – I am now buying all Adventures of Superman #500, especially the newsstand edition. This retailer thank you platinum Superman #500 starts the Regin of the Supermen story. I believe this story will make it to Man of Steel 2 and the Supergirl show and rebirth will play with it again. I am sure plus this platinum is cheap $50-100
20. Wizard Magazine Kevin Smith Special – well it is Blind Adam’s hidden gems and this is the time in the list where I mention a Kevin Smith related comic. Yes, I love Kevin Smith and his work. He’s the man. This Wizard Magazine, devoted to Kevin Smith, came out in 2001 around the time of Jay and Silent Bob Strikes Back. It is no longer offered on the Jay and Silent Bob Secret Stash and finding Wizard Magazines in nice shape can be difficult at times. Plus the bumper sticker is just awesomesauce $10
This one might surprise you….
21. Flash Gordon #31 Whitman Edition – I just interviewed Sam Jones for the awesomesauce commix podcast. Episode #187 Sam dropped news about the Flash Gordon sequel and it is #awesomesauce. So I was looking for Flash Gordon comics to spec on and came across this as it is from a Whitman three pack from the late 70’s to early 80’s. I love these three packs $20
Hopefully I get over this cold soon. Hope to see you guys at a conventions soon. Thank you for the support, friendship, and for reading this.
Until next week, blind adam out

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    1. I went to an after party at Wizard World Philly a bunch of years back. I will not mention names to protect the guilty. It was pretty boring but the artist drank the last couple of beers and kept jacking the heat up in the room it was funny.
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