Harley Quinn Returns to Scooby Doo Universe

The last time Harley appeared in Scooby Doo Team up, issue #12, it caused quite a stir for a while. While prices have eased off on eBay, the book is still a fun and desirable appearance of the classic animated style Harley Quinn. She is back again though and this time bringing along the Joker.
In Scooby Doo Team Up #21 Harley Returns!

It’s hard enough for Scooby and the gang to crack the mystery of a Dickensian Yuletide ghost…but it’s harder with ‘help’ from Mystery, Inc.’s newest member: Harley Quinn!
Harley’s decided to try a new career as a ghost-busting detective-and when she swings that giant mallet, nobody’s going to tell her ‘no.’ But the gang doesn’t suspect the real reason for Harley’s relocation: She’s on the run after a ‘lover’s spat’ with The Joker-and Mistah J wants her back!

If you are interested, they can be pre-ordered for under $2.

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