Expired: Secret Star Wars Book for half off

Star Wars comics fans should take note. The  all-new, TOP-SECRET ongoing Star Wars series is beginning this December. The book is called Star Wars Classified #1 (for now at least, not sure they can change the title midstream.)
The first issue of Star Wars Classified #1 can be pre-ordered from TFAW for for half off, or $2.49, but only for the next 24 hours.

15 thoughts on “Expired: Secret Star Wars Book for half off”

  1. I find that it’s not worth it to purchase one book and have to pay for s&h even if the book is 50% off. Is there other good deals on this site to combine the shipping to make my money stretch? I’ve browsed around and I didn’t see anything that I had to have

  2. I order from TFAW all the time. I have found that you need to use previews and order whatever it is that interests you. If you subscribe to them you can pre-order and the books wont ship until you want them to. Downside is that they charge .25 per bag and board. Shipping is decent and they have really good customer service. A couple of months ago I had 8 comics that were bagged and boarded but were ruined with corner creases. Once after I sent them pics of the books they sent me a replacement of all the comics that were ruined – with free shipping. Wonderful buyer experience. Hell of a lot better than Comic Cartel which is just CRAP. I ordered comics from them the beginning of the month and have yet to receive my shipment. They claim that the reason they haven’t sent them is because they don’t have any bags and boards (Censored word here).

  3. I’m sure mmcomics.com will have it 50% off, best preorder place in the world they ship 100lbs worth of comics every month to me in Hawaii for $10 and all their books are 50-35% off always. I can’t sing mm comics praises enough!!!

      1. How did you do with those Harley’s Alana? I’m asking sincerely, not picking at you. It was such a high print run I’m curious. I was gonna try to get in on that, but wasn’t ready for that kind of volume.

      2. I’ve sold a few sets made about $80 of the $300 spent on them back, I made out on Harley because of the pink Dell ottos I still have one pink Dell Otto, a Artgerm set of 3, March set, and a Puddin plus my new fav the foil cover for my PC. I’ll start reselling the Harley’s again a bit later when they fetch $10 each I was getting $10 + shipping for a set of a and b covers.

      3. Nice pick up with the pink Dell’otto. Looks like his limited “secret” venom #1 is going to be a BIG winner too.

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