Justin Jordan Debuting New Book, The Family Trade, at New York Comic Con

One of my favorite things to do at NYCC each year is to pop down artist ally and check out what some of my favorite artist and writers have at their tables. Friend of the site, Justin Jordan, usually has something interesting available. This year is no different. 

Justin Jordan is debuting his new book, The Family Trade, at New York Comic Con. He will have Con Exclusive Ashcans available to introduce the new series. With art by Morgan Beem, cowritten by Nikki Ryan and lettered by Rachel Deeri

The ashcans for the book will be available for $10 at his booth (N8). This is what they did with The Spread, which I am glad I was able to get copies of, because when the book was announced as being picked up by Image, did crazy things on the secondary market. 

While an announcement on the Family Trade is not official yet, Justin has told me it is being picked up by a major publisher. 

If you are at NYCC make sure to pop by and see Justin Jordan at table N8 and tell him CHU sent you. 


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3 Responses to Justin Jordan Debuting New Book, The Family Trade, at New York Comic Con

  1. I love that art. A very cool use of water colors.

  2. Joe G says:

    Don’t sleep on Tom Waits (Jordan’s cat, not the singer) merchandise.

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