NYCC Wrap Up

Another NYCC has come and gone. It was a crazy year, Tyson B. and Agent Poyo both flew out to experience the best comic book show (not only on the east coast but in the country, if you ask me. Here are the high lights for me. 
It is hard to capture in words all the coolness (and weirdness) that is New York City and New York Comic Con, but I think this picture helps sum it up… a restaurant filled with Luigi’s up the street from the Jacob Javits center having lunch.
Thursday was a travel day so I did not get to the show until later in the day. Traffic was heavy in two of the five states I drove in so my 10 AM arrival time was pushed back to much later. After checking in to the hotel it was off to the con.
Thursday was mostly about picking up exclusives for people who had requested them. I had a lot of requests so I tried to get as many for people as I could. The most requested were the Girrion #1, Once Our Land #1 from Scout; Reborn #1 (which sold out early every day and will probably blow up once Millar makes his movie announcement on it, like every other book he does), Cannibal #1, and Green Valley #1 (which Larry from Larry’s Comics has a very interesting theory on the book which makes total sense to me). You can check out my variant post, which covers a bunch of this year’s popular variants, here
I was also tasked with getting some books signed and submitted to CBCS. Have to give a shout out to Steve Paulus for helping out with everything.
Friday was an early start. I was able to get to the show early and checked out the VR con that was going on inside the NYCC itself. I checked out Jaunt Vr’s Escape the Living Dead and The Black Mass Expierence Virtual reality movies, which were incredible. These movies are incredibly immersive and work on different platforms. Also checked out 360Dome.Pro’s Samskara presentation. With this you enter a dome shaped tent and the movie happens all around you. It is crazy, you can check out the trippy video below (which I was surprised they allowed me to take.

Another cool thing that happened, and will be a benefit to readers, is I met up with Vero and her husband who run La Mole Comic Con Internationaland De Comixado to grab a ton of variants for Free Comic Wednesday.
I attended the Marvel Retailer Meeting with Mel V., Beau from Minty Man Comics (who also gave me variants for Free Comic Wednesday, and Midtown Martin, where we got to get the scoop on upcoming Marvel events and books, as well as, was live blogging (secretly) from the event.
The days go fast when you are on the con floor. A lot of time is spent traveling from one booth to another, and as the week progresses, the crowds get bigger. Saturday was packed. More variants to grab, more people to meet with. I got to sit and talk with Brendan Deneen from Scout Comics, who turned me on to the awesome upcoming book Infernoct by Mina Elwell, which will be another hit for them. Mina was also incredible to talk to.
John tyler Christopher was at the show, and had a chance to sit and talk to him for a bit as well.
I did the Ash Vs. Evil Dead mini haunted house which was set up out front, it was announced at the panel that Ash Vs Evil Dead was picked up for a third season. This is the second year in a row they set up out in front of the con, with a different haunt this time, the cabin (last year’s was Ash’s camper.) At the end of the walk-through, prizes were given out. I got a Ash Vs. Evil Dead Truckers cap, which are selling or $34.99 on eBay (never pass up the freebies as you never know what they will sell for.)

Sunday was a quick trip back to the con before dropping Poyo off to the airport and beginning the long journey back home Overall the con was a huge success for me and was well worth the trip up and back. I got to run into some readers and talk, talk to great creators and company reps, and made some interesting connections that will be beneficial to the future. Thanks to every one who stopped and talked, way too many people to name, to Blind Adam who got lost on the Subway with me Tyson B. and Poyo, to Mel V. and Minty man for running around the con floor with us as well. So to every one, and to NYCC, see you next year.

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    1. It was hilarious we got twisted around and got on the wrong subway, heading the wrong direction…. good times!

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