Funko 2016 NYCC Shared Exclusives 

Tyson B. From on where to pick up the NYCC shared Funko Exclusives


If you missed NYCC or went and didn’t have anyluck at the Funko booth, don’t worry.   Funko has a list of the shares exclusives and where to find them.  Some, like Indie’s Ride, are picking up steam on eBay.  Oui-Gon Jenn is also going for stupid money.

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3 Responses to Funko 2016 NYCC Shared Exclusives 

  1. Jesus says:

    Just placed my order at gamestop for the killing joke pop. Now I just need the chef deadpool from fye. Thanks for info Tyson.

  2. Louie says:

    good stuff! so far I have ordered Behemoth, sally (i love collecting Nightmare Before Christmas pop), killing joke joker, kitty pride, the dorbz freddy and freddy ride

  3. I got the rainbow batman and killing joke joker. now I need the starberry shortcake&golden girls . plus deadpool&harley quinns . I sear that funco pops are like plastic action figure crack cocaine you start with one or two and the next thing you know your buying them all blind adam out

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