Comic Picks of the Week for delivery 10/12/16

Each week, hundreds of new comics hit the stands, each with potential. We pick the ones we think have the best show at heating up. Here are our picks of the week for delivery 10/12/16:
One of the cool things about this past NYCC weekend besides meeting people, was getting feedback from people. One person mentioned that the picks of the week posts can be repetitive. Now, normally I do not read Poyo’s posts until after I have completed mine. As is the nature of picking spec books for the week, there will be some overlap, however, I am going to be focusing more on just the indy books and mid level publishers, while Poyo will focus on the mid level publishers on up. This should cut back on the duplication. (However, if Poyo and I both have a book on the list, you can bet it is something to watch)
Returning Favorites:
Haunted Horror #24 – I have been following this classic reprint series for a while. I love the golden age of horror, many of which are too expensive to buy for the average collector, so this fills that gap.
Fix #6 – I am sure this will be on Poyo’s list as well, but the funny buddy cop series is too good to pass up.
Black Eyed Kids #7 – Creepy, atmospheric, psychological horror from Aftershock Publisher Joe Pruett. If you haven’t read the series, you can catch up with this weeks Black Eyed Kids Volume #1 TPB.
Glitterbomb #2 – The first issue of this new horror series from Jim Zub had me hooked. Looking forward to more.
The Halloween Pick
Gallery of Horror One Shot – Mike Wolfer has worked in the indy horror scene for a while. He is bringing some of his best characters to this one shot. Not for the kiddies.
The Nostalgic Halloween Pick
Puppet Master Halloween 1989 One Shot – I love the old Full Moon movies and Puppet Master. The regular comic series has been a hoot, so taking this series back to it’s heyday will be worth looking out for.
The Gem of the Week
Chimichanga Sorrow of the Worlds Worst Face #1 – Eric Powell and Stephanie Buscemi working together on one of Powell’s more interesting recent characters (actually all of his characters are interesting) I had a chance to pick up the NYCC variants, including a signed one from Stephanie Buscemi, and the series is awesome. She provides a fresh take on the books. If you are a fan of the book and of Eric Powell as well, check out the Chimichanga #1 signed and sketched variant (original series) that can be pre-ordered for $8!!!
Pick of the Week
Reborn #1 – Normally I would stay away from having a Mark Millar book on the list, however, this generated so much buzz at NYCC and the NYCC Sketch Variant is selling so well, that there is no way to not see this as this weeks winner. Need to see what the larger ratio variants, including the 1:100 variant will do.
That’s it for me. Hope you like the new format. I usually stay away from Marvel and DC books so this one feels more my style. As always, let us know what you are spec-ing on.

6 thoughts on “Comic Picks of the Week for delivery 10/12/16”

  1. The Fix would have been on my picks but changed the style of my picks. And yes, Black Eyed Kids is awesome, loving it so far. I also liked Glitterbomb, want to see where it’s going for sure.

  2. I actually never mind the overlap. I consider each article to be your own opinions; and if you both happen to like the same book, sometimes that’s a sign it’s even more spec-worthy.
    I am always a few weeks behind on my reading, so I only just read Glitterbomb#1 a few days ago. I am definitely hooked. I’d pre-ordered #2, and I still have time to pre-order #4, but I am hoping I am able to get #3 easily when it comes out…
    Has anyone heard anything on SEX CRIMINALS? There were a lot of delays over the polybag debacle, and I know they actually ended up Losing Money on #11. Then they had steady releases up to #15. And now I haven’t heard anything on when they’ll be back from hiatus. Some of Zdarsky’s projects have wrapped up by now (unless Kaptara is coming back… any word on that one? Lol.), so I’m hoping more Sex Criminals is on the way before too long. And whatever happened with “Wytches”? They had already advertised the next arc would be coming this year, but it never actually materialized. I need to start making a list of Indy Books I am following, so I don’t forget they exist. Sometimes I am rattling off books to recommend, and I happen to remember one that fell through the cracks!

    1. Wytches is on hiatus and supposed to be coming back this year. I talked to Scott Snyder at Baltimore and he did say more is coming. It has been one of my favorite books especially since it deals with anxiety something that Snyder is very familiar with.

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