Free Comic Wednesday: Secret Wars #5 La Mole Variant

Welcome back to Free Comic Wednesday. This one is sponsored by La Mole and Decomixado. La Mole is the Comic Con International of Mexico and Decomixado is an awesome comic shop in Mexico. Glad to have them back on as sponsors and thanks to Vero for meeting me up at NYCC with the huge bundle of variants.


So up for grabs tonight, Secret Wars #5 La Mole Convention Variant.

Rules are same as always:

  1. No purchase necessary. (But check out the sponsors sites, they are good people.)
  2. Winner drawn at random and will be announced on the site
  3. Enter your name below in the comment section.
  4. One entry per person, we have ways of knowing.
  5. Winners in the US get free shipping, people out of the US agree to chip in for shipping (I am not made of money.)

That’s it, good luck.


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