Darth Vader #25 Spoilers

Rumor has it that the Classified Star Wars book will be Aphra related. Well take a peek at the spoilers and let us know if you think that is going to happen.


Never a good time when Vader tells you to “walk with him”

Or enter the….




He wouldn’t….


He did…….


and then….


And finally. Does it look like the beginning of something else?


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14 Responses to Darth Vader #25 Spoilers

  1. Jay says:

    So she pretends to kill her to keep her safe?

  2. Rick Whitelock says:

    Prices on Darth Vader #3 and Star Wars #18 1:100 variant are surging right now. Those 1:25 Larocca and slabs are going to be in the hundreds once Marvel announces she’s the title character this week.

  3. Rick Whitelock says:

    I’d reccommend getting it all, rumor is marvel will announce Aphra #1 is the classified tommorow

    • Anthony says:

      Spectacular. Looks exactly like the one I did last night minus having the spoiler warnings up. Shrug.

      • Brian S. says:

        my bad, I guess I just enjoying the brer rabbit story. You were definately ahead of them in reporting. However, they are more certain the classified title is Aphra #1

      • Jay says:

        i got a slab 9.8 first print was that a good choice? Also how u feel about buying a slab 9.8 2nd

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