Mel V.'s Variant Picks for 10/13/16

What UP CHU? Mel V. here with this weeks variants. My wallet is still recovering from a fantastic week at comic con, be sure to check out my review. Got some nice variants to share, and also, we have a special “DrunkWooky’s Star Wars Variant Picks” to go along with it. Lets get into the get into….
Darth Vader #25 Cover J Incentive Michael Cho Variant Cover – Im starting to like this style of Cho covers. It took me a while but I dig this. One of my personal favs of the week.
Howard The Duck Vol 5 #11 Cover B Variant Chip Zdarsky Last Issue Cover – Chip is ending his run on this fun series, and NAILED it with a beautiful Howard the Duck portrait
Mosaic #1 Cover F Incentive Khary Randolph Variant Cover – The time is here lets see how MOSAIC does in the Marvel Universe. My man Khary Randolph is a name you wanna keep your eye on. This 1:25 is affordable, but lets see how it does in the after market
Reborn #1 Cover D Variant Jock Cover – The McFarlane Cover is the big boy, but I love this Jock variant. This book is a fantastic read. Also you may want to snag the NYCC Sketch Variant off of eBAY. This book is gonna be huge
NOW TIME FOR Our Resident Star Wars Guru with DrunkWooky “DrunkWooky’s Star Wars Variant Picks”
1) Darth Vader #25 Quesada
2) Darth Vader #25 Most Good Hobby variant (b&w and color)
3) Han Solo #4 Nguyen variant.

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  1. The Jamal Campbell Defenders variant to Howard #11 is also really nice. Reminds me of the Ant-Man cover from a few months ago.

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