Marvel Pulls Midtown Invincible Iron Man #1 Variant

The internet outrage machine took out another variant today, Invincible Iron Man #1 Midtown Comics Variant by J. Scott Campbell. The outrage on this one was that the depiction of 15 year old Riri Williams was “too sexy.”

From :

Only a day after the cover was revealed, Marvel and Midtown Comics have decided to pull its retailer exclusive “Invincible Iron Man” #1 variant that portrays Riri Williams in what some interpret to be a sexualized depiction of the character. The cover, by J. Scott Campbell, drew some criticism from fans and creators for its portrayal of the teen hero.

Marvel and Midtown decided to pull the cover in a joint decision. Another variant, depicting the same pose, but with Riri in full Ironheart armor, will still be released by Midtown.

In case you haven’t seen it, here is the disputed art:

Midtown is still selling a version of the cover where Riri is wearing full body armor.

J. Scott Campbell drew Riri in his normal “long torso” style and described giving her “sass”.

Several sites and tweets mention the over sexualizing of Riri. The Mary Sue interjected racism into the mix saying, “If you want people to stop “overreacting” to things like sexism and racism, here’s a thought: stop allowing sexist and racist things to happen!” in reference to the cover in a post entitled “Dear Marvel: Stop Sexualizing Female Teenage Characters Like Riri Williams. Love, Everyone”…..

Of course, J. Scott Campbell, himself, asked the question if his cover was any more sexualized than this previously released variant cover:








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29 Responses to Marvel Pulls Midtown Invincible Iron Man #1 Variant

  1. Jesus says:

    People are trippin. The cover is not to sexy. If you where to look at some teens these days, they look just like that. Women now a days take care of themselves from a young age. But hey it is what it is. It was a good cover.

  2. emiobeg says:

    I agree about the whole thing being a little bet overblown, but why would you ask an artist known more for his sexy women art and not expect some type of a backlash.

  3. Cyber Golem says:

    Lord forbid if Zombie Tramp was 15 and Black.

  4. Ric Lancaster says:

    If that was my 15 yr old daughter…. i might have a whole another view ! Sometimes we have to reign things in ! Just saying .

    • Anthony says:

      Which part would you be worried about if it was your daughter? Just asking. I have teenage nieces who would dress not too far off from this.

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  5. Jeff says:

    I think the whole thing is pretty ridiculous. I think there are more important things to worry about in the world right now than a 15 year old’s stomach.

  6. Jeremy Abbott says:

    I wish Marvel would stand by their artists creative freedom. I want the full raw version of a creators vision , and not the scaled down sensored version to make the sensitive followers happy. Make the ones who are ok with your your choices happy first, and I promise you that there are more of us than there are of them. 2015 was the year that everyone was offended by everything. 2016 is looking like a year to dethrone 2015.

    • Anthony says:

      It’s funny. I had no interest in the cover until they banned it. I like making my own decisions on what I can buy and. It buy. Marvel has way more “over sexualized” characters than this. How old would you say the little mermaid is? She is wearing a shell bathing suit top. Bare stomach.

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  7. Alana says:

    This was pulled because Disney doesn’t want people confusing this with new Spider-Man Homecoming “Mary Jane” played by Zendaya lol kidding kidding, JSC can only draw one female face and it always looks like MJ no matter the character.

  8. agentpoyo says:

    It’s a fictional character, in a fictional role and world. The world goes and gets their panties all knotted up for a non-issue, there are more things to worry about than some comic book cover. If you don’t like it, don’t buy it.

    The drawings so far that I’ve seen though, she looks like she’s 29 and not 15… The only thing I don’t get is, and I’m going to stereotype now.. if she’s a genius that built her own Iron Man suit and goes to MIT, then I can see her looking more like a nerdy genius (overalls or pants, oversized jacket or pants with a backpack, glasses, etc rather than some super sexy supermodel.. but that’s all Campbell can draw, same face, same body and same ass.. what more do you expect from him?

    I don’t totally agree with Clint Eastwood’s politics entirely but I do agree with him when he said that the world is just a bunch of pu$$ies now.. 🙂

  9. melthemovieguy says:

    LOL Imagine if Tim Vigil drew it

  10. Robert Miller says:

    I thought it was a bit much personally but not so much that it needed to be pulled. I just didn’t plan on buying one lol

  11. Really, in Invincible Iron Man I only knew Riri was a Teenager because the text/dialogue said so. She did not look like a teenager there either. And obviously in commissioning J Scott Campbell for a cover, Midtown knew they’d be getting a cookie cutter rendition for their variant cover, rendering her in his style. I am a fan of JSC art, but not willing to pay so much for his Midtown Variants, since there are So Many and they are So Formulaic. Very few of them actually Stand Out as a well-conceived & creative cover.

  12. Shines says:

    Don’t read Iron Man, but I’ve seen pics of the character…and honestly had no idea she was a teenager. I thought she was college age from her depiction on other covers & books.
    Totally a non issue save for the fact I’ve already seen some trolls painting Campbell as some pedo perv, much as they did Frank Cho (guess Greg Rucka will vet JSC Wonder Woman variants now).
    I’m sure JSC is handed a model sheet and told draw her. Probably nothing else said. Isn’t anything worse or more sassy/sexy than the Iron Man cover above.
    Get a life!

    If Marvel had just left Iron Man as Tony Stark and stopped all this nonsense of multiple versiobs of the same character….

  13. Alana says: New deal on the comic mint, I believe the Girrion variant it comes with has a print run of 150 books.

  14. Lonzilla13 says:

    Nothing but blank covers from now on so the SJW’s don’t have a shit fit

  15. here is my two sense . first of all it is j.s.c. did you suspect less . it is like having a snake for a pet and then crying when the snake bites you . you knew it was a snake . you knew it was j.s.c. and that he draws girls sexy like the girls at my place of work sexy and that is awesome. I will not be surporting invincible iron man in anyshape or form because of this . it is b.s. and between this stupit move has dinsey marvel or the public even looked at 15 year old girls because ninty percent of them dress like this and look 25-30 between dress and other factors . second of all iron man shouldhave stayed tony stark cap becoming sam Wilson made sense thor becoming jane foster made sense this makes as much sense as the hole in my butt no sense at all its there it works well but whats the point??? mickey mouse is my boy . he owes me twenty bucks and a drink . but he needs to crack the whip over at marvel and stop stuipit stuff like this renumbering series and changing genders and races for no real reason then getting into usa today and chanel seven eye witness news and what if your blind is it really eye witness news then ?? so awesomesauce commix and blind adam will not be carrying invincible iron man #1 blind adam out

  16. Atlas says:

    I really hate the people who fucking overreact to stuff like this! People dress just like this and designers make clothes like this too. Screw it, these kind of people just suck period and should kill themselves!

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