One to Watch: Southern Nightgown #1 

I am not afraid to pick up some of the less kid friendly books for a flip. Here is one that I found in the shelves this week (may have come out in some areas last month.) Southern Nightgown #1 features a cover by J. Scott Campbell and is put out by Rothic Comics (cannot have that big of a print run.)

Recently closed auctions show the book is selling for up $20. Mycomicshop has them for $4.00. Amazon has then for $6.

Not a home run, but worth keeping an eye out for a small press J. Scott Campbell cover that already has sales up to $20.


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7 Responses to One to Watch: Southern Nightgown #1 

  1. BED says:

    Still available below cover at Midtown.

  2. emiobeg says:

    I’m glad a picked up 2 copies of them. I got an auction going and will shall see what it will go for 🤗

  3. John F says:

    Thanks for the head’s up! Got 2 copies from 2 different sellers off Amazon. Good lookin’ out, as usual, Sir!

  4. michael cox says:

    sold out midtown

  5. Jesus says:

    Showed the wife the picture and she liked the cover since it’s a JSC cover lol. So since she approved it, going to my LCS tomorrow since it’s my fist weekend off in about a month.

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