Mel V.'s Variant Picks of the Week for 10/26/16

What Up CHU? Mel V back with Variant Picks of the Week. I have been battling a slight illness, but I’m getting better and nothing will stop me from providing Variant picks to the world. So Lets Get into the getting into….
Civil War II #6 Cover D Incentive Phil Noto Old Man Logan Variant Cover – You know I love me some Phil Noto art, and with how great the (Old Man) Logan trailer went over with the public, this might be one to buy and hold on too. You should have no trouble finding these at a decent price
Suicide Squad Vol 4 #5 Cover B Variant Lee Bermejo Cover – Bermejo has been flat out killing it with his Suicide Squad variants. His art is starting to get more recognition, so start stocking up on Bermejo’s work, as I predict he will be a MAJOR player in 2017 . I’m still trying to find the JOKER graphic novel in the wild. I heard it was all kinds of messed up.
Ms Marvel Vol 4 #12 Cover D Incentive Joelle Jones Variant Cover (Marvel Now Tie-In) – Ms Marvel plus Joelle Jones equals winner. Find it for cheap if you can
Ms Marvel Vol 4 #12 Cover E Incentive Alessandro Taini Red Widow Variant Cover(Marvel Now Tie-In) – THIS WEEK’S BIG WINNER. This cover is flat out amazing and is heating up in the after market.. I’m mad I won’t be able to get one because I have to be at work early and I know these are gonna sell out ..FAST. So get one and pour out a little beverage for the brothers who could not get this one 🙁

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