Poyo's Picks for October 26, 2016

Poyo Goals:
Met Jock. Check.
Met Francesco Francavilla. Check.
If you haven’t already, read my article on Mondo Con, it was a blast, especially the Art of Jock panel. I didn’t get a chance to go to all the panels but that was the primary one I wanted to see.
With that said, on with the picks of the week.
DC/Vertigo Pick
Frostbite #2 (Vertigo) – Yes, this is my pick. #1 was a fantastic read so I’ve been waiting for #2, so here it is.
Honorable Mention
Vigilante Southland #1 – Interesting take on an old B level character. violent and politically charged.
Marvel Pick
The Punisher Annual #1 (Marvel) – I’m picking this one for it’s cover only. Because it’s that sweet of a cover. Also, check out the Ron Lim Variant and the Ariel Olivetti Variant
Indie Pick of the Week
<a href="“>Spookhouse #1 (Albatross Exploding) – In the spirit of Halloween, a kids camp fire tales comic book. Expect a small print run, I doubt shops ordered heavy on this one.
And now, the book I’m looking forward to due to it’s story. Fourth Planet #3 (Chapter House Publishing). It’s a great read, check it out if you haven’t done so already.
That’s all I got. Short and sweet for this week. There are a ton of regular pulls though for me, so it’s still a big week, just light on the spec side of things.

5 thoughts on “Poyo's Picks for October 26, 2016”

  1. Great call on Frostbite.I was surprised at how much I enjoyed the issue 1.I’ve been looking forward to #2 also.

  2. Would love some more Black Beetle from Francisco! Love that book and it’s just so visually stimulating! Met him a couple of years ago and he was a super nice guy!

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