Enormous being developed for Chinese Markets

Hollywood Reporter has written that Enormous by Tim Daniel is being developed for Chinese Markets.


Enormous started out at Image in the Enormous Treasury Sized Graphic Novel before moving to 215Ink with Enormous #1. The property had been looked at as a TV show in the US. Word is that Enormous will be going to a new publisher as well.

From The Hollywood Reporter:

Hitman: Agent 47 producer Adrian Askarieh is teaming up with the former head of international productions for Huayi Brothers, Eva Cao, to adapt comic book Enormous for Chinese markets.

Simultaneously, Askarieh is partnering with Pure Imagination Studio to spearhead multimedia initiatives including VR adaptation.

Created by Tim Daniel and artist Mehdi Cheggour, the Image Comics comic is set in a world where humanity is under attack from gigantic monsters.

Askrarieh, who’s been developing Enormous since 2013, has already translated the comic into a Machinima live-action pilot and is taking the franchise into alternative forms of storytelling.

Pacting with Cao is meant to take the property into the Chinese market as a feature film, although television, animation and VR is also being explored.

“Chinese audiences strongly respond to stories like the ones showcased in the Enormous comic books,” said Cao, who initiated the investment deal and led negotiations with Studio 8 while at Huayi. “By partnering with Hollywood creative talent, I’m confident we can turn Enormous into a filmed franchise with global appeal but one which especially captures the sensibilities and imagination of the Chinese audiences.”

Askarieh also believes that the property has a tremendous future in the multimedia sphere, particularly in VR. And that’s where Pure Imagination comes in. The Los Angeles-based company has done work in various fields from live-action to stop-motion on properties such as Batman, Bionicle and Star Wars.

This came out yesterday while I was out trick or treating with my kids, sorry I didn’t get to it sooner.


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7 Responses to Enormous being developed for Chinese Markets

  1. Alana says:

    That’s good news, and VR is a suprise hopefully be on the ps vr we just got down the road.

  2. OCguy72 says:

    Still hoping this property gains traction.

  3. Jason says:

    Excellent news! Went quite a bit of time without any news and now we get pretty big news. I’ve loved (and bought into) this series from the beginning (including an NYCC #1). Big props to Tim and Mehdi!!!

  4. Have my sets ready to go, and some signed #1 first prints by Daniels. Nice guy!

  5. Niko says:

    I bailed just before the second arc, and sold off my entire 1st arc set (all variants) a while back. Was a bit regretful in doing so, then one of my friends decides to selling his full set (just like mine) for half what I sold mine for so I picked it up to right a wrong I did. I made some coin, makes me feel kind of like a bad ombre

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