Mel V's Variant Picks of the Week for 11/2/16

What Up CHU? Mel V back with my variants picks of the week. Man there are some slim pickings this week. Thanks to my man Tony for putting me on to the Death of X homage covers, check out his write up on the main page. Like I said, not much this week so I had to go with one regular cover because it’s that damn awesome. So, lets get in to the getting in to.
Animosity #3 Cover B Incentive Tony Harris Horror Variant Cover – Orders tend to dip at the 3rd issue of most books, but retailers caught on early to this title, so I’m curious to see how hard these are to find in the wild tomorrow. So far the series has been fantastic!
Spider-Woman Vol 6 #13 Cover B Incentive Francesco Francavilla Variant Cover – this one sold out early and making a little noise in the aftermarket, I love Francavilla’s work so this one is a no brainier for me
Superman Vol 5 #10 Cover A Regular Patrick Gleason & Mick Gray Cover – This is the regular cover, I fell in love with this one right before I went to Baltimore Comic con. I have already had the T-Shirt made. I can not wait to read this issue, I’m going to stock up on these. This could be one of those covers that’s talked about for years

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  1. That Variant of Animosity is beautiful. I got mine for $4.20 which I Pre Ordered months ago. After market has this for 30 and up. Amazing. Thanks for the recommendation and the picture.

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