Blind Adam's Hidden Gems Vol. 32

Greetings to my Comics Heating Up & Awesomesauce families. As always, I would like to say thank you. Thank you all for reading this each and every week. Thank you for the overwhelming response to the Marvel Tales #137 offer I made two weeks ago. If anyone needs anything, or has any suggestions on how I can make hidden gems better, please email me at I want to say Action Comics #966 was awesome. Flash #9 was the best comic from DC in six years and I am loving Wally West. The Supergirl TV show is just improving each and every week. Now that is out of the way; thank you all for the support, friendship, encouragement, and advice. Now, lets make money on some comics cause you can’t teach
1. JSA Secret Files #2 – this is the first appearance of Roulette. Roulette just made her Supergirl TV debut and it was #awesomesauce. I didn’t realize that this book, which was hot for Legends of Tomorrow and Hawkgirl, was her first appearance. This has potential for even more growth $20-40
2. Tom and Jerry #1 Nabisco mini comic – I just love giveaway comics. When buying my Marvel Tales #137 Nabisco variants, I started doing research for other Nabisco variants and found this. First, I want to say Tom & Jerry is a racist cartoon. Racist against who you ask, well the blind. Blind people can’t watch Tom and Jerry cartoons because there is no damn dialogue what so ever and that just aint right. This is a cool p.c. pick up with no real spec value $5
3. Stormwatch #8 – this is the first Rainmaker. I loved Gen 13 and I want the original Gen 13 back. not the b.s. we got during the New 52, not the b.s. we got when DC bought Wildstorm but the original team and original cast. Again, this is Rainmakers first appearance $1-5
4. Gen 13 mini #1 Second Print – I didn’t even realize this was a thing until now and I believe this second print is rare $15
5. Namor Annual #3 – this has artwork from Adam Hughes and is a cheap but difficult find in the wild $1-3
6. Catwoman #81 – Mommy Kyle is coming to Gotham. Well, this comic is her first appearance. happy hunting
7. Heroes For Hire #13 – The (2006) Heroes for Hire #13 has a sweet bondage/anime tentacle cover on it. Misty Knight, Black Cat, and Colleen Wing tied up with alien tentacles coming up. Throw in that Monsters artist Sana Takeda did the cover. CBR had a story on this one not long ago. $10 and up.
8. Secret Origins #41 – Grodd is coming back to the CW TV show. This issue tells the origin of Grodd $1-5
9. Wonder Woman #139 – with any Adam Hughes cover from Catwoman or Wonder Woman blowing up, I thought I would mention that #139 is his first Wonder Woman cover $5-10
10. Tomb Raider #18 – Adam Hughes covers Lara Croft Tomb Raider in all her glory $3-5
11. Sensational She-Hulk #52 – She-Hulk, Adam Hughes cover, early Hughes at that, cheap like dollar box cheap
12. Maxx 1/2 glow in the dark variant – with all the talk of variants, I thought I would mention the first variant I ever bought. It was a Wizard mail away which I got at a con in Philly back in 1993 (do you guys remember the awesomeness that was Wizard Magazine?) I’m old so. This is the first Wizard 1/2, features the Maxx, and the cover glows in the dark $5-10
13. Clinton vs Trump Incredible Hulk #181 Swipe Coloring Book – Mel had this on a big gems from the small press article back in June or July. If anyone has this and can sell me a copy for $7 I am buying. I have seen this as high as $20. No matter how the election goes this is just a really great cover, a part of history, like Amazing Spiderman #583 and is just #awesomesauce
14. Gotham Central Special Edition – this is the dollar reprint produced right before season one of the Gotham TV show. It is a great story and a great cheap way to find a tough issue of aclassic story $1-5
15. Catwoman #38 New 52 – I love this issue of the Catwoman. It features a girl on girl kiss, which is #awesomesauce, and with the upcoming bisexual Wonder Woman coming soon this might see a spike. Is Rebirth Catwoman still bisexual? How about Early and Ivy? $5-10
16. Batwoman New 52 #17 – I am loving Maggie Sawyer on Supergirl. I am waiting each and every week for Kate Kane’s small screen debut. Well this is the engagement issue DC (Marvel did a same sex wedding in Astonishing X-Men #50) it didn’t end the world. Wish they did the wedding… Wait until my fan film, then buy this cheap book. It is easy pickup in the wild $1-5
17. Suicide Squad vs JLA #1 Frankies Comics blank cover – I love Frankie’s Comics. Kevin Field is the man. The Harley Quinn #1 & Batman #1 blanks do great and you can have anything sketched on them. This is the variant to snag
18. Dr Strange Sorcerer Supreme #81 – final issue of bronze age series. The movie is getting great reviews and I am excited for anything Dr Strange. low print run, $5-10
19. Strange Tales Volume 3 #1 – Dr Strange and Clock and Dagger. You can find these in dollar bins nation wide. Dr Strange will be amazing
20. Amazing Spiderman #50 Dynamic Forces Remarked Variant – Autographed and sketched by J Scott Campbell. This is not a cheap or easy find in the wild. Search eBay but it is a limited DF autographed by J Scott Campbell and of one of his best Spidey covers in this JMS run. Limited to just under 2,000 copies $40-100. 9.8 red label this baby
Well once again, thank you all for reading this. I love you guys and I am blessed to have you all in my life so
now that I fade away I find myself obsolete.
blind adam out

11 thoughts on “Blind Adam's Hidden Gems Vol. 32”

    1. Yes. We know. The comment was a joke by Adam. In fact, characters like Spike did talk, but the joke was that there was no dialogue so blind people can’t really watch the show, it’s just music.

  1. Quick add to your list, Wonder Woman 151 a beautiful Adam Hughes cover and 1st appearance Dr. Poison II from new Womder Woman movie and 1st appearance of Arachne.

    1. Has it been confirmed that it is Dr. Poison 2? I did take a look at other articles that were guessing it is her, but I was wondering if DC/Warner has confirmed I know a while back it was suggested it might be Dr. Cyber. That to me would make more sense just in case they ever bring Poison Ivy to the big screen. Having two bad guy who are women with Poison in their names might confuse casual movie goers even if they technically were in different time lines. Just my curiousness. I have both first appearances so either one if fine with me. “If” it is even one of them.

      1. People saying from the most recent trailers it’s Doctor Poison II creating the pandora virus for the Nazis on Ares orders, the 1st Pandora virus is also issue #151. I have Doctor Cyber 1st as well just in case.

    2. +1
      The late 90s early 2000 Wonder Woman issues with Adam Hughes drawing covers are a great flip right now. Buy now, sell next June.

  2. Another great article Adam…and I have more than a couple of these already!
    With all this Adam Hughes talk, I’m hoping someone revisits his first ongoing series The Maze Agency. An excellent series which can be had for almost nothing. Also some great Hughes covers on the Legion of Superheroes out there, still dirt cheap.
    Another great book I came across in a dollar box this past week was Elephantmen Shots #1 with a gorgeous J. Scott Campbell cover.

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