Star Wars Doctor Aphra #1 Frankie’s Comics / Sad Lemon Comics/ 7ate9 Comics Shared Exclusive

Kevin Fields of Frankie’s Comics shared with us the first look at the shared Dr. Aphra #1 Exclusive with 7ate9 Comics and Sad Lemon Comics by Sara Pichelli. Check out the cover art below:

Color Variant Limited to 3,000 Copies

Black and White Variant Limited to 1,500 Copies

Dark Side Variant Limited to 500 Copies

These can be pre-ordered in the US at Frankie’s Comics

and in the UK at 7ate9 Comics and Sad Lemon Comics



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16 Responses to Star Wars Doctor Aphra #1 Frankie’s Comics / Sad Lemon Comics/ 7ate9 Comics Shared Exclusive

  1. agentpoyo says:

    I like Pichelli but this cover isn’t doing it for me.

  2. A Chua says:

    not a fan of pichelli and this one is particularly bad. waiting for a really special aphra #1 hope to see one

  3. cyber golem says:

    Boring cover.

  4. James Drummond says:

    Enough with these goddamn store variants!!!!

    • Ty Loomis says:

      disagree enough with the ones with bad art, as a fan of comic art I love variant with good art, so far only ashley witter’s cover is a home run

  5. Josh Masters says:

    It’s a virgin cover.
    Dark Side variant? C’mon man.

    I’ve been looking at comics from a speculation perspective since only earlier this year. I’ve been watching these store variants over the summer and taken heed when you more seasoned collectors/speculators have said PC only.

    I don’t get the sudden 3rd variant excitement beyond the fact it’s a smaller print number.

    Kevin Fields and Simon Payne are good guys and I’ve bought from them both. Good on them for not raising the prices on their 3 packs like some of the other guys have with their store variants.

    If this 3 pack is now the norm, I’m not looking anymore. I’d rather spend that money on some raw books heating up than trying to find the next lotto ticket (Pink Dell’otto Harley, Venom #1) those only seem to benefit the pre-sale, pre-sellers. Once the books go out, the hype is over and the prices have crashed somewhat.

  6. Ty Loomis says:

    I’ve seen 1 great one and 1 decent one.. the great one is an Ashley Witter but I can’t find them anywhere to preorder and the decent one is the Fried Pie Rafael Albaquerque. Would like to know the print runs on those. The funny thing is when the art is bad like pichelli people say too many variants; but when the art is great people go gah gah.. and the only amazing cover this far is one I can’t even find to buy OMG help me

  7. Alana says:

    Glad I passed on this

  8. Alana says:

    And what’s so Dark about the Darkside variant that’s some false advertising.

  9. Ty Loomis says:

    where can we buy the ashley witter aphra #1? who’s the retailer?

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