DrunkWooky’s Star Wars Report: Doctor Aphra #2

Images for three variant covers for Doctor Aphra #2 have been released. The issue is out in comic shops December 23, 2016. So ditch those kids of yours and go grab this book Christmas week! Thanks for the ever-present Jedi-Bibliothek slewths for once again proving their proficiency for getting the scoop!


Annie Wu Variant


Declan Shalvey Droids Cover

And, my personal favorite, the Dave Dorman variant! My personal collection has had a love affair since the first comic I ever bought, Dark Empire #1:

And, I’ll top it off with some more gratuitous Dorman Dark Empire art:

Back on the Subject of Aphra though, it had been alluded to that Dr Aphra and Han Solo’s “wife” Sana Starros had um… previous relations. Two pages from Star Wars #16 (linked here for $1 a copy) can definitely be interpreted that way.



Sana first appeared in Star Wars #4, which would be very interesting if she appears in the Han Solo stand-alone movie.


As always, until next time, may the Force be with you!

DrunkWooky, out!


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  1. John Dye says:

    Yea Dorman’s art is solid. I honestly don’t care for Wu’s variant. Can’t believe some want 25 bucks for that one? Doman’s variant tops that!! Def ordering it – especially at cover price.

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