November 2016 Lootcrate “Magical” unboxing video

Joe and I got the November 2016 Lootcrate box in the mail today and unboxed it. We had gotten back in because of the October 2016 Horror box which turned out to be a bust, except for the Negan Slugger T-Shirt which was pretty sweet. Here is November’s Unboxing:


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7 Responses to November 2016 Lootcrate “Magical” unboxing video

  1. John Dye says:

    Awwww…cute Kid! My daughter is 17 – Dang they grow up so fast UGH. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Yea last month’s loot crate was a bust the Negan shyt was cool but not worth the price of the box. I haven’t gotten my Nov Loot Crate but I like the comic book if it’s truly a top 100 seller and the dr strange pop.

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