Local Comic Shop Day 2016 Recon

Heading out to Local Comic Shop day? Here is what things are going for.
Dollface #1 is a definite pick up. Selling for $24-29 on eBay, this was the first thing my local shop sold out of.
Moonshine #1 NYCC Sketch is another good pickup. Selling for around $20 with one recorded sale of around $55 (best offer was accepted but was listed for $55) and features a sketch variant of the Frank Miller Cover.
Godkiller Record is selling for around $50 but may be a tough find.
The Killer Frost Bombshell Statue will cost you more but has recorded sales of $129.99

9 thoughts on “Local Comic Shop Day 2016 Recon”

  1. List price on the LCSD Killer Frost statue is $125, so Ebay sales of $129.99 aren’t a good ROI.
    Got to the only store in my area participating in LCSD a half-hour before opening (Emerald City in St. Petersburg, Florida). By opening time the store had about 30 people in line, but I’d guess that maybe only a half-dozen of them were there for LCSD. The store was also simultaneously running a “Doctor Strange Day” sale that got all of the local publicity. The store took reservations for LCSD items before opening then kept all LCSD items behind the counter after opening. The only way customers could get LCSD items is if they came into the store already knowing about them and specifically asked for them. The store manager told me they only got one Lying Cat statue and only one Klaus HC. They didn’t get the Black Mask Godkiller LP or the Forevers “secret item” at all.

    1. Didn’t check retail price on the Killer Frost statue. Just ran a query for final sales price. But yes that is not a good return at all. The Forevers secret item was a zine like magazine with weird poems pictures and drawings. It was a pass for me.

  2. Last year I took off work and went to a couple of stores that were participating, one store you had to spend a certain amount to be able to buy anything and another store you could only get 2 items. So I felt like it was a waste of time especially since I took off work, and I got everything I wanted online a few days later. I didn’t go yesterday but I may call a store later and see what they still have.

    1. I called the shop and they had the one thing I really wanted for me, the Rick and Morty giant sized. While I was there I got a Moonshine and the Dollface ×2, they still had a nice stack of those 2 left so if I go back on Wednesday I might get a couple more.

  3. Orange Park, FL (Altered Egos) store still had Black Mask LP, Dollface, 1 Lying Cat statue at closing. They require $50 purchase of any other store items and prices are cover or MSRP (that’s a rule for stores in order to participate-not sure how well that’s adhered to) in order to buy LCSD items. I personally picked up Champions #1 LCSD Exclusive. I’m thinking of hanging onto it for about 6 months. I don’t think value will drop, and I’m hoping for a relatively high ceiling.

    1. not adhered to very well, one store was selling all the LCSD comics for $5 bucks each… regardless of MSRP.

  4. After last year’s Black Mask Box total dud I’m not going to be scooping up much this time around. Just take advantage of the sales that the shops are having

  5. I stopped by a number of shops earlier in the day (right around when the opened) and all were pretty quiet except one–however 80-90% of the crowd at the busy shop was there for a Noon-time Magic tournament or a 10 cent back-issue sale because the store wanted to liquidate a bunch of stock, so really at every shop it was just myself and maybe one or two other folk explicitly there to check-out the LCSD offerings early in the day.
    I was disappointed none of the shops I went to had any of the Black Mask stuff or the, “Dollface,” comic as I wanted those to simply buy for myself and read. They had plenty of the Marvel, “Champions,” comic, as well as the DC, “Rebirth,” hardcover, some had, “Moonshine,”, everyone had the, “Archie Meets the Ramones,” comic, and some stores had a ton of the Bloodshot Valiant comic but no Harbinger, and others were the opposite with none of the former and plenty of the latter. Also, everyone had a ton of the Doctor Strange hardcover, the Outcast hardcover, and everyone had at least one, “Klaus,” hardcover that looked admittedly snazzy but I’m watching my budget and it was way too expensive. One shop had the WWE bag of goodies from BOOM! Studios too. There also were some other comics available like the Serenity one and random other stuff I didn’t really take note of as I don’t read it (I’ve heard Firefly/Serenity was a great show and movie though). Nobody had any of the statues or toys. Oh, some of the shops did get the Dollface print and were giving it to people for free, with one shop giving me it as I was the only person who had even asked about it and it didn’t have a price marked on it–with one shop telling me, “It just came for free from them because we did the day; we were gonna put it in the back with the other random prints and have it on a table of free stuff when Free Comic Book Day Happens.” So now I’ve got some snazzy, “Dollface,” prints to decorate my comic-shelf with!
    So yeah, not too much fanfare out here for LCSD although shops did put out stuff for it. I know last year it was big speculation-event but this year it was more low-key and quiet. I hope it continues as there are some cool comics for sure. In case anyone was feeling bad for me missing out on the Black Mask stuff, don’t worry, I was able to buy a fairly-priced copy of, “The Forevers Magazine,” and, “The Disciples,” hardcover on eBay and I look forward to reading them! It is a shame about the, “Dollface,” comic being so hard to find however, and how it is going for prices that are too rich for my blood online. It was still a fun day however and is arguably my second-favorite comic book-related holiday (with Free Comic Book Day being my absolute favorite).

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